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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

10 Reasons

 10 Reasons Why doTERRA's Natural Solutions Kit is the Best Value for the Beginning of Your Health & Wellness Journey 

1. The NS Kit includes all of the most-used essential oils for pain, immune system support, sleep, stress, mood management, and more. (On Guard oil and beadlets, Melaleuca, Aroma Touch, Breathe, Oregano, Serenity Blend and 12 other oils including the valuable oil Frankincense) 

2. The NS Kit is the perfect starter kit of other wellness doTERRA products: The best on the market supplements -(The LONG LIFE VITALITY PACK) which are packed with nourishment for your cells) 
1 Daily Dose of LLV  is equal to the nourishment of the above listed popular selling products

Terrazyme - Great Enzymes for your system, Natural Whitening On Guard toothpaste, Natural skin care items such as HD Clear Foaming Face Wash and HD Clear Roll-on for on spot breakouts- In my opinion this is better and safer than Proactive. You also get a Tube of my favorite- Deep Blue rub for muscle aches and pains. Included also is OnGuard Foaming Hand Wash and 2 pumps.
3. The NS Kit comes with wooden storage box so you'll immediately have a place to store all of your new oils.
4. The NS Kit automatically comes with a carrier oil (FCO) and sample vials to share with your friends so you don’t have figure out where to purchase these while you are getting started.

5. The NS Kit comes with an Aroma Lite diffuser for FREE! ($90 savings)

6. No enrollment fee! The NS Kit includes the Wholesale membership for a year ($35 savings)
7. Automatic 25% off on everything else you buy for the rest of the year.
8. The NS Kit automatically qualifies you for 100 free product points ($100) if you order 100 PV in the Loyalty Rewards Program next month.
9. You’ll start off at the 15% level on your LRP. {usually it takes 3 months to get to this level}

10. Free copy of the Modern Essentials reference book - Modern Essentials *6th Edition* – A Contemporary Guide to Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils  and a roller bottle ( You will get these as a special gift from me) 

BONUS!! - For a limited time doTERRA is offering a SHARE program where a new wholesale member (Wellness Advocate) can earn points toward great gift packages if they sign up someone else within 60 days of their enrollment. Click SHARE for more information. 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Our Friends are Adopting AGAIN!!!!! What You Can do To Help!

An incredible family, Morgan and Chanel, has been found for our 2 sweet girls from Africa that we have been an interim/emotional healing home for these last few months!

 The Best Part is, is that the family is our good friends and they are incredible parents. We couldn't be more excited as we get to remain in their lives! Unfortunately, the cost for the adoption even in the States is $10,000. And most of it is needed next week. Duane and I love this family and their hearts. We know Heaven loves this family too! If you feel like you want to give to this adoption. Here is a link. I will get the money to them.  If my friends would donate $1-$5 each, it will be amazing! Every one that donates $1-$24, will be entered into a drawing to receive a pack of 10 note cards featuring various paintings of mine. There will be 2 drawings for this.  Everyone that donates $25 plus, will be entered into a drawing for a 16x20 giclee signed print of my painting, "INNER STRENGTH". 

Here is a a link to donate: SEND SOME LOVE TO MORGAN AND CHANEL

Here is a little blurb from Morgan and Chanel : 
"Chanel and I are about to go on an adventure that we knew would one day come but did not anticipate so soon. Ever since we heard about failed international adoptions and the massive problem it can become with adoptive parents literally finding strangers on craigs list and handing their adopted child to them with no questions asked we knew it was part of our future. Recently two sisters originally from Ghana have crossed our path and we have fallen in love with them. They need a family to give them the love, hope and future they deserve. We want to be that family!!! We have been approved to make them part of our family and it needs to happen pretty quickly. The process is going to cost about $10,000 with about $7000 of that in about the next week. That is scary but we serve a scary awesome God if any of you would like to sow into this adoption it would be amazing!!! I know we are crazy but hey crazy is the only way I know to live life!!"

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

NATURAL/SUPERNATURAL Emotional Healing of the Adopted/Foster Child- #1 series "Shifting Atmospheres"

I'm a mom to 12 kids- 10 adopted,1 bio and 1 on the way and two others currently live with us until a permanent home is found for them.  I will be teaching how to practically love your children back to emotional health through healing prayers, essential oils, nutrition and shifting the spiritual atmosphere of your home. Though you may not fully know the traumas your child has experienced in their past you can still nurture a healing atmosphere so they can become who they really are and who they were destined to be.   By Applying these practical spiritual and Natural tools into your daily life, healing will begin. 

This is a series so Class #1 will be about 
"Shifting Atmospheres"

           Thursday, AUGUST 14, 2014 , 4:30pm - 5:30pm


Class will be recorded so register even if you can't attend live.


As a mother of 12, I used to dread the coming of the new school year and winter in our household. I can honestly say that I no longer dread the onslaught of germs that bring congestion, cough, and stomach bugs! Since using doTERRA in our home, we have been through 2 school years with no antibiotics and our kids rarely getting sick. Melissa's Pediatrician husband Duane, knows this is a feat! Now the start of School and Winter is Fun! Join me in this class as I teach how you can get your game on and combat the dreaded germs! 
4:30pm PACIFIC

 doTERRA is offering a discount this month on INTUNE used for focusing and ADHD.
 OnGuard is the product of the month. You will learn how to get these discounts in the class.
The class will be recorded if you can't attend live so be sure and register.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Letting Go of Fear!

Some of you may not know, but we have two new additions to our family that we took in as a healing/transient home from a disrupted adoption through a private situation until another family is found for them that were adopted internationally. I've been sharing on FB some of our journey with the girls, but thought I would share here on my blog. This is a new phase in our lives and then again, we have been doing this for a while as the last two children added  into our family were from disruptions. This time around we know that we are a healing home for the children while a permanent family is being located. Through our adoption journeys of 17 years and 14 kids later, we feel like we are coming out of some training grounds on loving supernaturally.  Most of you who have known us for a while, know I share events and emotions openly because I feel that adoptive families need to identify with someone in knowing that the good, the bad and the very ugly is real and they are not alone in experiencing it. Some may criticize me for sharing details sometimes, but my kids know as well as I do that that nothing is hidden. Truth brings healing, not only to us but to others as well.  Jesus love and blood covers all. That being said, I want to start sharing little stories about healing, about restoration and about love. 
So, back to my story,
Needless to say there is some reactive attachment disorder resulting from past traumas, malnourishment, abandonment rejection etc. with these girls, We have been the recipients of child RAD behaviors before and frankly, so these behaviors were expected to surface. 

 The littlest has intense anger all deep inside and it just oozes. She is such a beauty inside and out and the enemy is trying to ruin her identity. That does NOT sit well with me. God has been so gracious in loving her. Its been intense but there is this beautiful peace that rest on us as we love this mad out of her. Yesterday and today we had some major breakthrough. I'll share a little bit. We had some break through tonight with the little one and her fear of going to bed. When asked why she was afraid to go to bed, She started telling us as well as she could about some bad experiences with a crib at night time. 

Thankfully, I followed the Holy Spirits leading before she got here and got her a big bed instead of a crib or toddler bed. Tonight we symbolically took that crib and threw it to Jesus who then took it to the garbage never to be seen again! The look of happiness and joy on her face was awesome! She grabbed my neck and hugged me like there was no tomorrow.
 I know it sounds cliche but I felt like God wanted me to tell her she was smart, she was kind and she was important. She just beamed! Earlier today, she was standing by me drawing on a table while I was printing something from the computer and we had some worship music playing -either Kim Walker or Misty Edwards and all of a sudden, she threw her hands up and closed her eyes in worship.

 It was so sudden and beautiful as this tiny 4 year old sensed God and just had to raise her hands for those 20-30 seconds and then she was back to drawing. God is so faithful in healing wounded hearts! 

Thursday, May 29, 2014


KICK OFF SUMMER The RIGHT WAY and CELEBRATE my 45th Birthday til June 9!!! 

Lemon has all kinds of benefits but is a great detox and antioxidant oil. FREE with qualifying sign up

This is the time to get your family started using Essential Oils.       Purchase a doTERRA Enrollment Kit & enroll in the Loyalty Rewards program for the next month with a 100 pv order and I will give you $15 towards your Enrollment Fee, A Free Wellness Consult, an Essential Oil Guide and a bottle of Lemon Essential Oil.   

YOUR BEST BUY! The Natural Solutions Kit. The best natural solution for your home. The Lotus diffuser comes free with this one. The enrollment fee is included with cost and Melissa will give you $15 back as well. Melissa will also give you the Modern Essentials Book FREE as well as an itune gift card so that you can download the Modern Essentials App on your smart phone. You also receive 100 pv points to spend on oils which are deposited into your account after 60 days. $550

The Cleanse and Restore Kit! The Kit you need to cleanse from the Inside out!  Adding Zendocrine and Slim and Sassy are recommended as well to support your detox. $150

A NEW YOU this Summer! The TRIM SHAKE KIT includes 1 vanilla and 1 chocolate shake, 4 slim and sassy and the Long LIfe Vitality Supplements. The LLV contains 22 vitamins and minerals, 9 EO oils and 3-6-9 Omegas and regenerative supplements. $249.95 VEGAN is Available in Vanilla 
Scan here to go to my website to see more enrollment kits or email Melissa at with questions 

The Family Physician Kit- A great kit to start out with to support your family's journey to wellness. It includes 10 essential oils including Frankincense. I started our family on this kit. A FREE 15 ml Slim and Sassy Oil Blend comes with it. $150
AND you will be entered in a drawing to win a doTERRA Introductory Kit! HURRY! June 9th is almost here! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME and YOU! 

Your qualifying sign up gets you entered into a drawing for this INTRO Kit that includes peppermint, lemon and Lavender

P.S. There are several other kits available.

Saturday, May 24, 2014


Tomorrow is the day! Come GOOGLE HANG OUT with me and my friend Tiffany as we explain how you can improve your family's health and wealth, your friends' health and others you meet by doing 1 simple thing- Sharing about JUICE PLUS The world is relational and people trust you. Just think of the 1000's of people who will benefit from you taking this step on an incredible health & wellness and improved financial journey. Juice Plus has been around for over 20 years and our families love this product. We look forward to seeing you here. 

OH!! The BEST PART-- We are offering to pay half of your franchisee fee and give you $20 off of your order of Juice Plus. It will be recorded so even if you can't attend live, you can still get in on this.  This offer won't last long!! 

Here is the link to the event.


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Local doTERRA Classes

If you have ever wanted to learn about Essential Oils. Then come join us in these classes in Redding, CA.  Here is a testimony from Randi: 
"Just had to post how thankful I am for being introduced to essential oils and all the info on this awesome page! I haven't been using them long AT ALL and have cleared ringworm, impetigo, kids ear infections and helped kids through the flu. Our house LOVES them!! Wish I would have started using them sooner!"

Friday, January 10, 2014

Prevent COLDS AND FLU AND ANY other kind of JUNK

Our family started using Doterra Essential Oils last year and what a difference in our lives they have made! Physcially, Emotionally and Spiritually, we are better off having discovered how to use them! I love how God created oils to benefit us and they smell so divine!

  I love them so much that I can't resist sharing them with you! Our family of 12 stayed healthy last year and so far we are the healthiest this year than others are faring. 

I wanted to share a few tidbits on how we keep our family healthy in the winter and I am inviting you to join me for an ONLINE CLASS that I will be teaching called 

Winter Proof your Health with Essential Oils.
DATE: January 13, 2014
TIME: 6pm Pacific
Join the Facebook Event here 
When you join the event, I will know to send you the link to the recording of the class, if you can't be there live.  

Prevent the Flu!

Prevention is half the battle when it comes to battling the flu!  Below are some great things to have on hand and use to help keep the flu from taking hold!

1. Lemon Oil Hand Spritz. Hand washing is best. doTERRA makes a foaming version with On Guard essential oil blended right in. However, when you are out and about you can pull out your little spray bottle with lemon oil and water. Spray down shopping cart handles, your hands, restaurant tables, etc. Great way to cleanse on the go. Also, takes care of any sticky kid messes great!

2. Breathe blend. For the congestion, stuffies, and general yuckiness that can settle in sometimes. For ease of use on the go, you can add a few drops of Breathe blend to a roller bottle and fill the rest of it up with Fractionated Coconut Oil. Layer it with Lime oil for added decongestive ability- have a tissue near by, it works fast!

3. The “FLU BOMB”. I’m sure you’ve heard of this combination by now. If you are new or just forgot, it’s worth repeating the recipe:
4 drops Lemon
2 drops Oregano
2 drops Melaleuca
2 drops On Guard
Place in an empty gel capsule and swallow. This knocks it out fast! Try and take this as soon as you start to feel a little “off.” Repeat it often until it’s kicked. If I feel something starting, I’ll take this every hour or so until I feel better.
UPDATE: DoTERRA now has the capsules made for you and are much more cost effective. YAY! doTERRA ON GUARD SOFT GELS! 

For kids who can’t swallow the capsules, you can add the drops to a roller bottle and fill it the rest of the way up with Fractionated Coconut oil. Apply it every hour or so to the bottoms of the feet.

4. Homemade Cough drops and Cough Syrup. Eucalyptus oil works great to help stop coughs. Sometimes a little bit rubbed on the feet or chest is enough for relief.
doTERRA sells On Guard throat drops which are awesome to have around or keep in your bag for emergencies. They are a great line of defense to help boost the immune system.
If you want something a little more DIY, try these recipes:

Natural Honey Cough Syrup
4 drops Lemon
2 drops Clove
2 drops Clary Sage
2 drops Thyme
2 drops Ginger
1 drop Chamomile
1 drop Fennel
4 tbs Raw Honey
2 cups Distilled Warm Water
Dissolve the honey in the warm water. Don’t overheat. When combined and cool, add the essential oils. Pour into a amber glass container and store in the fridge. Shake before use. Take a spoonful or so when you need cough relief. Repeat often.

Honey Throat Drops
1 1/3 Cup Raw Honey
1 1/2 Cup Water
20 drops On Guard Essential Oil Blend
Stevia Powder
Candy Thermometer
Mound stevia in a pie plate. Create rounded indentions in the stevia with the back of a small spoon. Set aside. Bring honey and water to a boil. Continue boiling until hard crack stage. Take pan off of the heat and stir. Add On Guard Essential Oil. Spoon drops of the mixture into the stevia molds. Let cool to touch. Roll drops around in the stevia till coated. Wrap in parchment paper.

5. Headaches and Fever. Peppermint and Lime are great. Apply them down the spine, on the feet, and the back of the neck. This helps bring down fever. Remember, small amounts, applied often works best.
For headaches, try Past Tense blend, peppermint, lavender, frankincense, chamomile, etc. Experiment and see what works for you. For the big ones, you can also use Deep Blue, or Wintergreen. Apply topically but don’t forget to use them aromatically too. Sometimes, just inhaling the aroma is enough to help you feel better.

6. On Guard Product Line. Products made from this blend include the oil blend itself, toothpaste, cleaning concentrate, hand wash, and throat drops. This is from the doTERRA Blog:
“In a study done at Oklahoma University, research was conducted by using On Guard Protective Blend to see it’s effectiveness on influenza virus infections. The results were staggering. Despite antibiotics not being able to treat  the influenza virus, results showed that On Guard Protective Blend reduced this virus by up to 90%. The researchers concluded that On Guard plays an important role in keeping families well without harsh side effects.”
Use On Guard throughout the day to keep up your immunity and reduce viruses. Just line everyone up and apply it to the feet every day. Or make everyone in your family their own On Guard roller bottle filled with a few drops of the blend and filled the rest of the way with fractionated coconut oil.

Thanks to  for the info!
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