Friday, November 28, 2014


 Get in on some great giveaways of doTERRA and Juice Plus Products for Black Friday! Here is what to do!
2. If you haven't already-  LIKE US
3. Leave a comment on why you would like the product or leave a question about it to QUALIFY for the drawing. DO NOT LEAVE just your name or the WORD "Following" 
4. SHARE with your friends- 3 people need to comment to make the drawing viable.

5. Have fun!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2014


                        Have you NOT GOTTEN AROUND TO Ordering Your JUICE PLUS?
                                          TODAY is a GREAT DAY TO DO THAT!  
                                 Don't Forget! Kids "Eat FREE" when an adult orders. 


If you have been wanting to order doTERRA products 
Friday is the day!!! 
These are deals!! 


As most of you know, We have started on a whole wellness journey these last couple of years and that has lead me to teach classes to share about doTERRA Essential Oils and Juice Plus Whole Nutrition Products. They have truly made a difference in our health.  not only are we doing better physically but better mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 
I will be having some Black Friday Specials so come back and check! 

My parents are in town after not having seen the kids for almost 3 years! My mom and I are cooking up a storm! We hope you have a Great Thanksgiving!!!! 
Love, Melissa

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I DO NOT LIKE IT When My Kids Get Sick!

I DO NOT Like it when my kids get sick!
I DO NOT like it when their breathing is heavy 
And their nose is thick! 
I DO NOT like it when they whine and cry! 
I DO NOT like it when they sigh! 
So I grab my oils, doTERRA by name,
I grab my Juice Plus, to play the germ game!
I win over all and the kids are all smiles,
Goodbye sickness I DO NOT care to see you for a while! 
                                                                                   ~Mommy Melissa

WINTER GERM SEASON is making its appearance! Don't forget how using JUICE PLUS and doTERRA Essential Oils can support your immune system! Two of my kids came home Sunday with sore throats and stuffy noses, Then two more by Monday Morning!
Yes, you know what I was thinking, (excuse my grammer) " Who Got Time for That?" Not US Carters!
I go into PREVENT and STOP those GERMS in their tracks mode! My kids all got *An EXTRA dose of JUICE PLUS,
*A doTERRA On Guard soft gel ( or beadlets if the child can't swallow a pill)
*a dose of mom's Bomb n Bottle with 14 germ fighting and soothing Pure Grade Essential Oils.
*Oregano and On Guard on their feet
* Breathe on their chest
*A doTERRA Breathe Drop
*And Breathe Blend in the diffuser
Yes, you could say I anointed them with Oil and Fed them great germ fighting nutrients. If I can do 4 kids in less than 10 minutes, Then you can do it too!
Oh, how did they sleep? As good as babies. How did they feel, the next morning!
Why, They were just their bubbly little selves!
Elizabeth was making sure daddy got his Juice Plus

 In the morning, I oiled them up again, giving them the odor of Christmas and Candy canes to wear to school and boosted their immunity with all the phytonutrients of Juice Plus and did it again after school and before bed. We are almost out of the woods! hooray!!! A Tiring, sickly , ugly week avoided! To celebrate, I am giving you $20 off your first order of Juice Plus if you order in October and November and A free bottle of Wild Orange or Lemon if you want to buy a Physician's Kit ( 11 oils to get you started) or a Natural Solutions Kit-( Includes a Diffuser and box to keep your oils in) In October or November. HORRAY FOR HEALTH AND GOOD TIMES INSTEAD OF SICKNESS!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Newsletter from Duane and Melissa

Hi Friends and Family!  

Just a quick note to tell you that we have started our own business empowering others to improve their health physically, spiritually and emotionally naturally using  doTERRA  CPTG essential oils and Juice Plus. Both of these products have scientific research behind them  and we have been using them in our family for years and our health has dramatically improved. We’ve always loved encouraging people to live abundantly. Melissa used to be a sufferer of Fibromyalgia and Ankylosing Spondylitis, two diseases the doctors said she would have to live with the rest of her life. We didn’t believe them and through prayer, perseverance we sought out alternative ways to live life to the fullest. She is now off of any synthetic medications including synthetic bound supplements! (To manage her pain, she was on some very ugly medications) 

In that journey, we discovered doTERRA Essential Oils and Juice Plus which supported Melissa on her journey. Not only that, our kids have been the healthiest kids in school these past two years. Our 4 boys with ADHD have been supported and are off all their medications and the emotional healing our adopted kids have experienced has been astounding and we are so glad we began using these alternative ways to love our family.  In starting this journey with our family, we have seen lots of changes happen- Our food choices, even in the kids have  improved. They will eat a banana over a cookie! That’s a miracle!  

We have not entirely quit modern medicine because there is so much value in it. What we are supporting is better health and wellness in a preventive sense. As a family we want to be messengers of life. Where everyone we meet gets a chance to know that you can live abundantly in all areas of your life! 

 GIFT!!!! If you are interested in sampling some doTERRA Essential Oils and Juice Plus, drop us a note and we will get them in the mail to you. 

If you live in the ALABAMA Areas of Florence, Decatur, Huntsville, Rogersville, Muscle Shoals, Tuscumbia or close by, OR in GEORGIA/TN area of Rossville, Ringgold and Chattanooga,or ATLANTA Melissa will be around  from Oct. 27- Nov.13 teaching wellness classes that include topics such as 
Introduction to Essential Oils
Emotional Healing for Adoptive/Foster Families with Essential Oils & Nutrition
Supporting Mental Wellness and Focus Issues Naturally 
Supporting your Muscular/Skeletal system naturally  
Winter Proofing your Family’s Health 
and more……...
Melissa will be in Memphis,TN Saturday evening  and Sunday morning Oct. 25 & 26 if anyone would like to meet for a wellness consult to learn more. 
 Scan the QR code to see the list of classes in your area. She also has some appointments for one on one consults available. If you are a massage therapist, spa or salon owner, she would love to introduce how you can improve your customers experience while they enjoy health benefits of doTERRA Essential oils. Come see her and learn more! 

Last but not least, Click on the link or QR code below to access our October Newsletter. It is full of essential Oil education, a Q&A by Duane (ASK Dr. C) recipes and specials.  
We are running a special not mentioned in the newsletter that You will receive $20 off your 1st order of Juice Plus in the months of October and November. 


Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I thought I would write a short post about how to buy doTERRA Essential Oils!
A lot of people think that to be able to use doTERRA Oils that you have to sell or do other stuff!

No Way!!!  It is so easy and doTERRA has 3 ways you can get oils! That is the great thing about doTERRA! You can buy oils however you want. ( I do caution about buying doTERRA on sites like Amazon as it has been known in the past that some companies will buy doTERRA oils and then dilute them with additives and reseal. Always buy from a known doTERRA Wellness Advocate.) 

My team leader , Heather Carson made this made this awesome chart  and I thought I would share it with you as it explains easily the ways you can get oils! 

1. BUY RETAIL. Everyone who signs up for a wholesale account automatically gets a company generated storefront. If you have a friend who has a doterra account, ask them for their store URL. You can go online and shop for oils just as you would at most other online retailers. Selecting items from the store, adding them to your cart, and checking out. Super easy.

If you don't know anyone who has a store front, You can head over to my SHOP page LETLOVELOOSE  or  EARTHSGIFT  Just pick your language and your country and begin shopping.

2. BECOME A PREFERRED MEMBER. I like to compare this option to having a discount card. You pay a one time sign up feel to create your membership and from then on out, you can purchase at a discount of 20% off retail. I recommend this account option for those who are casual oil purchasers.

If you purchase oils once or twice a year, and just want to get a discount, this could be a great option for you.  More information HERE.

3. CREATE A WHOLESALE ACCOUNT AND GET THE DEEPEST DISCOUNTS.  If you are like me and find yourself turning to natural solutions more and more, wanting to start on a journey of total health and wellness, you’ll want a wholesale account. This  is the most popular and flexible account and gives you the deepest discount.

I love my wholesale account and used it every month for a 7 months before I ever even considered participating in the business plan.  Creating your wholesale account, doesn’t automatically sign you up for anything beyond your wholesale account.  You are in control of your account and can purchase when and how you’d like.

You can either purchase an enrollment kit and buy a bundle of products at a discount when you sign up, or fill your cart and enroll with whatever products you like. Many people start with an enrollment kit and then add on the one or two things they want that aren’t in the kit. The kits are such a great deal it’s hard to pass them up.


•To create a preferred member account or wholesale account, visit my sign up page LETLOVELOOSE 
I have a step by step guide on my site HERE if you’d like to check it out. SEND ME AN EMAIL before you sign up so I can make sure you know about any incentives or promotions either dōTerra or I am running.


Why enroll with me?

I am so lucky to be surrounded by amazing team members! I’m a part of the ESSENTIAL OIL LOVE team! As a group, we hold trainings, events, and get-togethers both online and offline. We each love sharing Hope, Health, and Happiness in our own unique way. Together, we have a blast and hopefully help improve lives at the same time.

We are women and men, fitness instructors, moms and dads, healthcare professionals, educators, artists, performers, yogis, chiropractors, massage therapists, business gurus, and more. I’d love to have you join with this amazing group of people. I’m grateful for them every day!

We have private Facebook groups (one for product info and a separate one for business builders) to share ideas and ask questions. We have a team website with tons of additional resources, lots of recorded webinars, and free downloads. We’re here to help and encourage and provide support at what ever level you desire.

Personally, I am happy to help in whatever way I can. Feel free to text, email, or call me with questions.  Make sure you call me or email me to see what my WELCOME GIFT of the month is before you order. I always have some fun gifts for those who decide to sign up through me.

One more thing…

Before you create your account, you owe it to yourself to check out dōTerra’s Loyalty Rewards Program. It’s totally optional of course, but amazing! I have received so many freebies as a result of buying products this way. If you are looking for the absolute best way to purchase dōTerra products, this is it. You wouldn’t miss out of frequent flyer miles or rewards would you? This is even better. Don’t miss it! 

Well, 2 more things..... 
In addition to Loyalty Rewards Program which is awesome... You have the option to opt into to the New doTERRA Share program!  When people sign up, you get additional credits for 60 days towards your choice of  free product packages!!!! Who doesn't like free Products? 


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

10 Reasons

 10 Reasons Why doTERRA's Natural Solutions Kit is the Best Value for the Beginning of Your Health & Wellness Journey 

1. The NS Kit includes all of the most-used essential oils for pain, immune system support, sleep, stress, mood management, and more. (On Guard oil and beadlets, Melaleuca, Aroma Touch, Breathe, Oregano, Serenity Blend and 12 other oils including the valuable oil Frankincense) 

2. The NS Kit is the perfect starter kit of other wellness doTERRA products: The best on the market supplements -(The LONG LIFE VITALITY PACK) which are packed with nourishment for your cells) 
1 Daily Dose of LLV  is equal to the nourishment of the above listed popular selling products

Terrazyme - Great Enzymes for your system, Natural Whitening On Guard toothpaste, Natural skin care items such as HD Clear Foaming Face Wash and HD Clear Roll-on for on spot breakouts- In my opinion this is better and safer than Proactive. You also get a Tube of my favorite- Deep Blue rub for muscle aches and pains. Included also is OnGuard Foaming Hand Wash and 2 pumps.
3. The NS Kit comes with wooden storage box so you'll immediately have a place to store all of your new oils.
4. The NS Kit automatically comes with a carrier oil (FCO) and sample vials to share with your friends so you don’t have figure out where to purchase these while you are getting started.

5. The NS Kit comes with an Aroma Lite diffuser for FREE! ($90 savings)

6. No enrollment fee! The NS Kit includes the Wholesale membership for a year ($35 savings)
7. Automatic 25% off on everything else you buy for the rest of the year.
8. The NS Kit automatically qualifies you for 100 free product points ($100) if you order 100 PV in the Loyalty Rewards Program next month.
9. You’ll start off at the 15% level on your LRP. {usually it takes 3 months to get to this level}

10. Free copy of the Modern Essentials reference book - Modern Essentials *6th Edition* – A Contemporary Guide to Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils  and a roller bottle ( You will get these as a special gift from me) 

BONUS!! - For a limited time doTERRA is offering a SHARE program where a new wholesale member (Wellness Advocate) can earn points toward great gift packages if they sign up someone else within 60 days of their enrollment. Click SHARE for more information. 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Our Friends are Adopting AGAIN!!!!! What You Can do To Help!

An incredible family, Morgan and Chanel, has been found for our 2 sweet girls from Africa that we have been an interim/emotional healing home for these last few months!

 The Best Part is, is that the family is our good friends and they are incredible parents. We couldn't be more excited as we get to remain in their lives! Unfortunately, the cost for the adoption even in the States is $10,000. And most of it is needed next week. Duane and I love this family and their hearts. We know Heaven loves this family too! If you feel like you want to give to this adoption. Here is a link. I will get the money to them.  If my friends would donate $1-$5 each, it will be amazing! Every one that donates $1-$24, will be entered into a drawing to receive a pack of 10 note cards featuring various paintings of mine. There will be 2 drawings for this.  Everyone that donates $25 plus, will be entered into a drawing for a 16x20 giclee signed print of my painting, "INNER STRENGTH". 

Here is a a link to donate: SEND SOME LOVE TO MORGAN AND CHANEL

Here is a little blurb from Morgan and Chanel : 
"Chanel and I are about to go on an adventure that we knew would one day come but did not anticipate so soon. Ever since we heard about failed international adoptions and the massive problem it can become with adoptive parents literally finding strangers on craigs list and handing their adopted child to them with no questions asked we knew it was part of our future. Recently two sisters originally from Ghana have crossed our path and we have fallen in love with them. They need a family to give them the love, hope and future they deserve. We want to be that family!!! We have been approved to make them part of our family and it needs to happen pretty quickly. The process is going to cost about $10,000 with about $7000 of that in about the next week. That is scary but we serve a scary awesome God if any of you would like to sow into this adoption it would be amazing!!! I know we are crazy but hey crazy is the only way I know to live life!!"

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

NATURAL/SUPERNATURAL Emotional Healing of the Adopted/Foster Child- #1 series "Shifting Atmospheres"

I'm a mom to 12 kids- 10 adopted,1 bio and 1 on the way and two others currently live with us until a permanent home is found for them.  I will be teaching how to practically love your children back to emotional health through healing prayers, essential oils, nutrition and shifting the spiritual atmosphere of your home. Though you may not fully know the traumas your child has experienced in their past you can still nurture a healing atmosphere so they can become who they really are and who they were destined to be.   By Applying these practical spiritual and Natural tools into your daily life, healing will begin. 

This is a series so Class #1 will be about 
"Shifting Atmospheres"

           Thursday, AUGUST 14, 2014 , 4:30pm - 5:30pm


Class will be recorded so register even if you can't attend live.


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