Wednesday, February 10, 2016


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I got an email from Delta last night as I contacted them from their website and was only able to upload 1 document there. They stated that they were not responsible for the refunds, the records no longer exist and I should refer to their page about the validity of expired tickets.
I kindly wrote back and attached all of my documents and asked for the situation to be forwarded to the President's office. I told her, in fact we were never issued tickets so her link did not apply to me. My refunds were already approved by NW and in the merger, they were never issued to me though they were approved and since Delta took on NW accounts, it would be an awesome thing for the company to honor the refunds.
With everything going on in my life right now, the thing I really don't have time or energy for is to fight a company for plane tickets. BUT.... after having experienced what I did last week with all the courage and strength encouragement. I am going to go after it. I am seriously considering about going back to KLM and telling them what Delta said to see if their arm of the company can influence the other. KLM definitely seems to be more of the heart.

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