Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Letter I Wrote to some Delta Executives

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I just wrote a gracious letter to the President of Delta and attached all my documents only to have the email kicked back to me. frown emoticon 
But I will not give up and so I posted to Delta on FB and did a little more digging and found some other executive emails and so far they have not been kicked back to me. We wait.

Here is the letter I wrote to Delta Executives:

Hello Delta Executive,

 My name is Melissa Carter and I am writing you about some never refunded plane tickets.  

 I have contacted your customer service already and they told me that I needed to refer to validity of tickets. Which actually does not apply to this case as it is not a ticket I want to use but a refund I was approved for but not issued. 

Back in 2008, My husband and I was adopting 3 children form Uganda. 
Of course, with the adoption process in Africa, nothing ever goes as planned and I ended up changing our flights back to America several times via the DELTA/KLM/NW office in Kampala, Uganda. 

You guys were always great to help me out. The children’s adoptions were long and drawn out with things either constantly changing daily or no movement at all. It was really stressful. Through it all your staff at the DELTA/KLM office in Kampala was always helpful and welcoming.

If you would like to refer to our blog to verify any of our story, you can at 

Long story short I ended up coming home without my 3 kids after 2 trips and 4 months of living away from my other children in Alabama.  It was over a year that I was able to go back and get them and then again I was in Uganda for another 3 months. 

For my flights, I flew NW/KLM to and from Kampala. After my first trip home, I applied for a refund for 4 of the tickets of myself, and my three kids and the refunds were approved by NW. I am attaching the approval letters and documentation of this. I am assuming that because of the big merger going on between the companies of DELTA/NW and KLM at the time, that my refunds, though approved never got issued despite me contacting them on several occasions.  

So why am I writing now? I’m in the middle of two more adoptions and in going through the massive amounts of files required for an adoption, I found the approval letters of the refunds and realized I had never gotten them. I had put the letters with my adoption papers and then we moved to California and they got “filed” away.  

 One of the approval letters said refunds had been sent to Singapore which I tried to contact several times with no avail. I am assuming the refunds got lost in the merger. 
As I am preparing for another flight to adopt another little boy and girl from Uganda, and planning our flights, I knew it wouldn’t hurt to ask Delta to honor those refunds.
I know it has been 7 years but my approval letters from NW have no expire date. 
I also want you to know that I contacted KLM first and they were very nice and helpful saying that was Delta that actually merged with NW and you guys would probably have the records archived and could help with the refunds. 

The reference numbers for these refunds are : 08023065003, 0122166708256, 0122166721469 and 0122166721470. It would be wonderful to receive these refunds as NW became part of your company and never followed through to reimburse.

Thanks so much for your consideration. We hope to fly to Africa in March or April for our court date for the two kids and we are planning on taking our other adopted kids back with us as heritage trip for them. This would greatly help our expense budget. If your company could find it in your heart to aid us in this matter with such a good deed as honoring the refunds from the company you merged with, and giving them to us we would be forever grateful. 

I am attaching all the documentation we have of the flights. These are what I found with the approval letters. 

Sincerely, Melissa Carter 

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