Monday, July 22, 2013

We Are ADOPTANT! (In More Ways than One) PART 1

 God drops surprises on us all the time and I figure since my love language is gifts and surprises, He kinda gets a kick out of doing this for me. My sweet hubby might be wishing that I had a different love language about right now but he just goes with the flow!  He's so awesome!

As a lot of you have seen on Facebook we got an unexpected surprise added to our family!
Though I can't share the details with you, it came to our attention early last week about a little 6 year old girl who is originally from Uganda, who now lives in California, who needed a family.  We were asked by a good trusted friend if we would take her for respite care, while a family could be found.

Honestly at first, we both were like What????  No, I don't think so.  Our lives ARE already crazy enough! God, another Child? Really? What are you thinking? Have you looked at our finances? Have you seen our schedules for the next 6 months, the next 3 years????  Do you remember the books we are supposed to be writing and the business ventures you assigned to us, not to mention the other justice and orphan projects we are involved in??? God, you know, we won't get into this just for respite care don't you? You know God??? hello!?  This went on for a couple of days, between God, and Duane and I.

 Being the great Father that He is, God let us panic and and regurgitate all our anxieties and excuses all over Him. He sat there being the solid Rock that He is and took it all.   After we were finished "praying" about it. LOL! We just sat there and looked at each other. We knew what God's heart was. - To rescue the perishing, to love the needy, to give life to those dying.  Really, was there any other answer but Yes?  Did we truly believe the words of Jesus, "Seek first the Kingdom of God and the other things will be added to you"?

We recite at church every week, 1of 4 prayers before offering time. At the end in almost every one of those blessings, there is a phrase that is my heart's desire. "So that I may have MORE than enough to give into the Kingdom of God and promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ." More finances, more time, more love, more of everything that the Kingdom of God has to offer, I simply want it all! Not selfishly but to further the Gospel and God's heart here on earth.  Duane and I have come to realize that our offering is giving those things we do have to God - Our screwed up finances, our lack of time, our attempt at love, our trust in Him, our willingness to seek his face and heart.  This was testing time. Did we believe God would take care of all of those "issues" we had if we stepped out in Faith and brought another child into our home.  Did we trust Him to continue to be faithful?
Well, it then became a no brainer. Of course.  yes, of course. Is there really any other answer but Yes?

So in matter of a few days, we became Adoptant on Thursday the 18th of July, 2013 and birthed a little girl into our hearts and family on the 20th of July, 2013!

Everyone, Meet the newest Carter-  Violette:

FUNNY SIDE NOTE!  So we told the kids and one of Edith's friends( you never know who will be sitting at our dinner table) on Thursday night at dinner about our decision and it sorta went like this!
Well, We have an announcement to make!
(some rolled their eyes, like, "oh no! here she goes, another lecture about chores!")
 - Looks of shock emerge and gasps take place, eyes get big, and then all of a sudden, Eli our 11 year old shouts,  "Hey! wait a minute, YOU can't have babies!"  Relief sets in across the room as every one starts chuckling, thinking my comment was a big joke to make everyone pee in their pants.
I continue-  She is 6 years old.... "Mom! you're joking!  No way! What??? "
"I'm not. Really .... and is from Uganda...."
"Mom, what ??? you are joking!!! "
No, I'm not! She will be here in a few days.
What?? are you going to Uganda?? This is a joke. Dad, is this true?
"Yes, It is true. Mom, is not going to Uganda,  You are getting a new sister and she is coming from Southern CA. "
Only then did they believe it! Why is that????? hello!!!
Smiles emerged on some faces, Confusion on others, frowns on a couple as they realized change...... well, we won't go there right now.
Questions flowed along with many comments and dinner ended with everyone being on board. -- CARTER UNITED NATIONS. :)

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