Tuesday, July 23, 2013

We Are ADOPTANT! (In more ways than One)PART 2

Well, As you can see our new little daughter is a cutie!  She is adjusting well.  Edith and Allenni have taken up the big sister role just nicely and it is awesome to see them go outside of themselves and give.  Isaiah as expected is having a little harder adjustment but for the most part is doing well. Isaiah is a lover so he will come out just fine!
Isaiah and Violetti saying goodmorning

Some of you may be wondering why I labeled these posts  PART 1 and PART 2. Well, there's more to the story.


 I was back in Uganda this past May 2013. It had been almost 4 years since I had been to that beautiful place. MY reasons and intentions for returning had nothing to do with orphans or adoptions at all. GOD's reasons though as it turned out had everything to do with it.  I was invited there by my good friends Shelly and Brenda to help lead a Women's conference in the Village of Seguku. My role was to hold Prophetic Art workshops and do Prophetic Worship Painting during the services. (I'll write another blog on that later.)

Of course I stayed in the guest house and it was wonderful to see all the people I loved. Esther, Andrew, Susan, Shelly, Brenda,  John and his new wife Hope, Richard and his new wife Mable who was pregnant with my little godchild, grandbaby, Melissa.  I met another couple waiting to complete the adoption of their children. It was wonderful.  I was there in a different role and it was actually the beginning of the fulfillment of some dreams I had long had.

The conference was great! I was enjoying ministering to the women and totally enjoying the fellowship of the women who were doing the conference. It came at a time when I really needed a break of sorts THEN...... My wonderful friends who live there.... Shelly and Brenda said... "Melissa, you should go over to the baby house and meet Johnny."  The sly smiles  on their faces told me they were up to something.  "No, I'm not going to do it." I said, "I came here to participate in this women's conference, that is all. I am not going to that Baby House." They just smiled knowing good well, that I would venture over.  I had brought some things for the kids over there and now my plan was ruined.  I had wanted to see the new house the kids were living in, so this was just a bummer.
Thanks Shelly and Brenda.  I now had to avoid the Baby House just incase, something might stir in my heart.
The Women's conference was long days but was amazing! My heart was preoccupied with all the painting, workshops and ministry.  I was seeing God deliver women, love on them, save them and refresh them in a way I had not seen before.  My heart had been heavy over my Ugandan sisters because there is so much oppression on women there both spiritually and physically.  It was so beautiful to see them break forth in their lives and roles as daughters of the Most High.   I gained a daughter one night as I stepped out of my comfort zone and told this dear one that I would love her. God did amazing things in my own life as I participated in this conference.

Shelly and Brenda know things. God speaks to their hearts and they listen. I love them dearly and when they speak I do listen. AND like me they are persistent. All week long they kept reminding me to see Johnny. I was trying NOT to listen to them!
Eventually, I decided to go over there and play with the kids.  Really, what was I afraid of? I mean, I had gone through three countries in Asia for 3 weeks and had not had the slightest nudge to take any of them home! Africa would be the same no matter what Shelly and Brenda thought.

 Most of the team left the day after the conference, but I had scheduled my return on the "wrong" day and was flying out 2 days later, so I had some free time on my hands.  I took a deep breathe, gathered the goody bags and toys and headed next door to Bethany Baby House - Who by the way is doing an awesome job in taking orphans and raising them in a family atmosphere.

Johnny was taking a nap, but I played with the other kids and held the babies. We had fun.

Johnny woke up and was  the cutest kid.  He watched me for a few moments, I gave him his goody bag and he hung around playing with me and all the kids.  I was waiting for this BIG AHA! moment but it didn't come and I wiped my brow and sighed Whew! That was close. Shelly and Brenda were wrong.

I played with them all a while longer, making every effort to check out this thing about Johnny.  Still no movement in my heart that said, he's yours!
In complete honesty, on the way back to the guest house, I was thanking God that he had chosen another family for him and that he wasn't ours.  We were in over our heads in many areas of our life and bringing another child into our home wasn't on the agenda right now. It didn't seem possible.  Now please don't get me wrong!  I am all about Orphans and Adoptions and giving children a family but I do have 10 kids! LOL!  AND What would my hubby say?
 I know it would make this story more dramatic if I told you that I went to the guesthouse and didn't sleep because I kept thinking about Johnny. Instead, I actually slept very well.  I did post pics of him on FB to "feel" out my hubby and he made some really cute comments about bringing home which I outright ignored.
I had promised the kids I would come back the next day and bring pics of my kiddos, so since I was leaving later that afternoon, I got packed up, stuffed some "sweeties" in my pocket, grabbed my ipad and headed over to Bethany.
The first thing Johnny said to me, was "Did you bring some sweeties?" Too cute! but my heart was still not moved towards the son thing.  Another sigh of relief.  After passing out suckers, I sat down on the steps and got my ipad out and the kids gathered around me to see the pictures and play some games. Johnny barreled through them all and plopped himself  down on my lap and there he stayed for the next 40 minutes.  Later the kids began playing with a stick and a millipede and thought I would be deathly scared of it if they tried to throw it on  me. But unknown to them, I had grown up in Africa and big bugs don't scare me!  Nonetheless, I acted extremely scared to the delight of all of them and to Johnny who was just rolling with laughter.  Then all too soon, I had to say my goodbyes, give them all hugs and walk away.

Poking the millipede

Becky thought this game was hilarious

Now mind you, I was doing just fine, giving a sigh of relief that I had had fun with all those kids and that was it.  Rejoicing that there had not been one inkling that I was to take any of them home as a son or daughter. Thank you Jesus! no more changes right now in MY life!
BUT.... As I walked up the steps and looked back-- (Which was by the way, detrimental to Lot's wife) My heart unexpectedly burst open, I mean it felt like an explosion, like one of those water spurts at a water pad that unexpectedly shoots out of the ground and tears just came pouring out of my eyes. I DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE THAT LITTLE BOY! Lot's wife may have become a pillar of salt  but I became a puddle of salt water.

I would say a cuss word here if it was appropriate, as that is probably what I said to God. (He's great enough to handle me and my humanness. ) Anyway, I wished I could say, I just rolled over and said ok, let's do it!  But I didn't. I argued, got angry and used my words. "What????? What are you doing God???? Seriously???? We can't! We just can't! What are you thinking? What are you doing?"  (Cry, Cry, Cry, ) More tears. "Why are you picking us? We HAVE A LOT OF KIDS already! Isn't there someone else?" Cry some more.  Then as I quieted down and just stood there, He answered me. "You DID say you were willing? right? Willing to do whatever it took to know me?" "Well, yes, I did."
"Well, ok, then. Know Me. " And as simple as that, I choose to become a parent again.

 When I told Shelly, ok, I'm going home and talking to Duane about Johnny being ours, She just smiled that smile that said, "See? I told you so."  Some friends I have! They are all about changing the world! They keep getting me involved. How did I ever get so lucky?

So Everyone, Meet Johnny:

This boy is linebacker material

He's ready for bed and looked like a little man in his Pjs


SIDE NOTE:  We had already planned to start the adoption process on Johnny back in May and so hopefully with our homestudy process etc... we plan to bring him home early in the new year.  Eli was our only adoption we did singly. Multiples run in our DNA. It must be because I'm a twin. Hehe!  So here we are now getting a home study for two children who will have come to us within months of each other.

Johnny is almost 4 years old and has been at Bethany house since he was 8 months old.  He is a doll baby.
And interestingly enough, He is not very keen on meeting strangers. Typically he stands back and observes and gradually gets to know you.  With me, he came out of that bubble and took right to me.  Weird huh?  Shelly..... I see you smiling..... and smirking!

WE still have not brought this sweet boy home: Because of law changes etc. But just when we had released him to God, The doors swung right open and have allowed for us to be able to get him.


Meacham Family said...

You don't know me. A friend of mine "liked" this link and I checked it out of curiosity. Or let me say that I was "led" to your blog. I am a mother of 9 bio kids and just returned from Uganda with our first adoption. While in Uganda, my heart stirred and I fell in love with another little boy whom I will return for in January. I relate to the stirrings of your heart and the beauty of a big family. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings. It made my day! :)

Kelly and Melissa Carter said...

Meacham family! Thanks so much for leaving a comment! You are an awesome Mom! Congrats on enlarging your tent! May blessings and favor from Heaven pour out on your family! Melissa


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