Saturday, August 3, 2013

What do you do at Midnight?

I'm trying to get some blogging done right now because the house is QUIET!! Thanks to our church having an outdoor movie night and a son who was not working and can drive them there! 
About Midnight.... 
Do you have dogs?  Well along with our 9 children at home, we have 3 dogs. Two Dauschunds and one Bassett hound. Their  adoption stories are just as good as our children's but those are for another day.  Anyway, the other night past midnight,  almost close to 1 am, I was not too happy.   As is my custom I get up about midnight to make sure all the kids are ok, thermostats are turned to 72 (kids tend to change those), check behind my older boys who are to have the doors locked, lights out and dogs put into their sleeping crates.

 Well during my rounds, I found no dogs anywhere, several lights left on and all the doors unlocked. The older boys were in bed.  I sigh! I found 2 dogs, Millie and Pixie outside panting, very willing to come in because the heat had been so bad even at that early in the morning; poor babies.  Our Bassetthound, though was no where to be found. Only after I spent 20 minutes calling his name, did I hear a faint hound bark.  

I kept calling his name but but couldnt exactly tell if it was him or not. I proceeded to go to front yard to the gates to see if the electric dog fence is connected and I discover that some child has unplugged it.  I go get Graham my 16 year old up because he is actually awake and ask him to call Boudreau because Boudreau loves Graham and I consider Graham my animal whisperer. ( Maybe that  is why animals always show up at our house)  He says it is Bou's bark and its coming from the field behind our house. Now the field behind our house has waist high Cali grass. The perfect place for Rattlers and other critters. I am not walking out here barefoot or in shorts in the dark! 
Graham and I head back into the house to get boots, long pants, a lantern and dog leash. By this time, my other two older boys are up trying to help but are not succeeding.  One tries to follow us out into the field, even after I tell him that he's not appropriately dressed. He's wearing shorts and flip flops.  He insists to follow us which just adds to my frustration and ticks me off a little as I give him a lecture about rattlesnakes and I'm not gonna help him when it bites him! Anyway...  We did find Boudreau and leashed him but he refused to come back into the gate.  He just sat down and wouldn't cross. I nudge his butt and mumble something about a stupid dog while he just sits there. Graham finally convinces him to keep going towards the house and we get him into his crate.  

 I'm tired, hot, and it's 12:40. AND The boys decide to get into a stupid argument. Stupid, tired hot me, got  involved and let's just say pretty didn't happen. The evening, (or should I say morning) ends with apologies from all of us and off to bed we went.  I had to take deep breaths, get some Balance Essential Oil and have a talk with Jesus. Kids, dogs, Jesus. Need I say more?

He looks innocent but his nose gets him into trouble ALL the time!  He's gotten lost 3 times and his return stories are crazy! Jesus must love him.  Secretly I do too. 

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