Saturday, August 3, 2013

Happy Anniversary! - JUNE 27, 2013

I love this Man!
 Duane and I have been married 21 years!!!  There have been plenty of hard times and spots, but we have always chosen to stick close and move forward!  I love my man and know that he is my soulmate. 
We woke up for the first time ever to the kids cooking us breakfast!  I was really floored. They did an awesome job.
Thanks kiddos you are awesome!
There's lots of pics because they did such an awesome job!
They set the table with flowers and a table cloth used the china and glass glasses

The LARGE placemat had handwritten notes all over it - this was hilarious!

these things bring tears and warmth to the heart-- I'm such a romantic

Eli gave us two massages and car washes

The fact that they found this glass and bought it for me at the Dollar store, touched me! I loved it

Our breakfast - homestyle potatoes, pancakes, eggs and OJ

Allenni - one of the chefs

Yummy! Edith made everyone else wait to eat to make sure we got what we wanted to eat first! haha!

Ben got a card with this in it

flowers from our yard

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