Thursday, July 14, 2011

We rescued a canadian goose

Well, the pictures are as dramatic as the story but we rescued a canadian goose. Living on the lake is awesome as all kinds of wildlife are here and I just realized a few days ago that if we walk across the street, the Sacramento River is there. I wish I give a panaoramic view of where we live. we are blessed to get to enjoy this for a while.
Anyway, Duane and I were out taking a walk at dusk and heard and saw a flock of wild geese fly over. Just a minute later, 1 goose flew by and I made the comment, Well, he's lagging behind and look how low he is. Well, then we heard this crash. Duane had to go into the house, but I just knew that goose had crashed. I went walking down the street and it was hard to see him but there he was, laying on the ground. If you have never heard a goose wail in pain, it is sad to hear. Anyway, I couldn't let him sit there and get eaten by the coyotes we probably have, so I went and got one of our dog crates and a boat oar. By the time Duane got back out, I was coaxing/pushing that goose into the crate. Poor thing looked liked he had a serious wing break. He was totally confused. Duane decided he'd better wear gloves picking up the crate and sure enough it was a good idea because the goose got to hissing and snapping. A neighbor called the sherriff who put us in touch with the wildlife rescue and so rather late a t night Duane and Graham hauled the thing over to meet the lady. We think it was a young one because it wasn't very large. I hope it ended up ok.

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