Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So Much Going on!!!

A wedding to plan, birthdays to celebrate, boxes to unpack, schools to line up, boxes to unpack, furniture to buy, groceries to buy, beds to buy, paintings to get done and LOTS of other things to accomplish, a toddler to chase, dinner to fix and did I mention that there were boxes to unpack? All are priorities, which to do first????.
Some days, I just want to collapse but there is more to do! I've not been getting to bed until 1-3am sometimes. All my computer and quiet work gets done so much faster when all the little ones are sleeping soundly in bed.
I know it will all get done sooner or later.

Magy moved back to AL and will be helping us with our vacation rental. She is also eloping next week and then we are having the church wedding and reception on Dec. 31,2011. I never expected it to be this hard to find a place to rent for the reception. We are sort of set on having the wedding then. Magy is marrying a guy from Mexican heritage and so we thought since the Mayan calendar ends in 2012, they could start their lives together in 2012 with a New Year's Eve wedding and Party!

On another note, we are enjoying California weather. We are being told that this is unusual weather. It drops down in the 50-60's at night and is cool during the day and of course there is no humidity. It ususally is around 115 this time of the year.
We all went to Mt. Lassen this weekend and got chilled a little. The temp up there was 20 degrees lower and the kids got to play in the snow. Of course we were improperly dressed. The beauty was incredible and we got to see and smell the sulfur pits. Deer just walked right past us. The kids loved the Mountain jays with their tuffs of hair and those birds knew immediately that where there are kids, there are crumbs.
We all are loving Bethel Church, which is the main reason we came up here. Duane and I haven't made any friends yet but have been assigned to a dinner group to meet some people. Graham has been going to this teen day camp there and seems to enjoy it. Ben and Nathaniel haven't gotten involved with the young people yet but will soon.

As far as excitement goes, we have made a stir in the neighborhood. We rent a house in a gated neighborhood and as it turns out there are many rules and regulations. Some are evidently unwritten and enforced. To spare all the details, I was at first going to let it go after our kids were mistreated by someone for having a lemonade/ice cream /bake stand but then we got a letter from the POA from a complaint filed and I had to respond to defend them. Never before have we had to deal with some prejudice. (It wasn't just about the lemonade stand.) But my kids were profiled and treated unkindly. Hopefully we will get it all settled, we think the lady needs a big bowl of ice cream to make her feel better.
ALL of our neighbors are great and are springing to our defense. Most everyone we meet are great and brag on how polite and nice our kids are.
So we are hoping that this will all blow over.
Well, I have written enough for now and must try to get some sleep. The days are long here. Daylight starts at 5am and goes til 9:30pm.

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