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Supporting Your Child's Focus & Brain with Essential Oils- Our story

UPDATE August 2015
Hi, We are Dr. Duane Carter and Melissa Carter and we are parents to 11 kids. Six of them, ages 8-18 are still at home (with 5 of them being under 14). All of our kids but one are adopted internationally,  and we have 2 private foster  cared children from a disruption and we have one child on the way from Uganda!  
 This blog is our story and journey to discover a better way to support our 4 boys with FOCUSING and MENTAL WELLNESS and other learning and emotional issues.  We (Duane), as a pediatrician, and (Melissa) a busy mom, were frustrated at the side affects our sons were experiencing. They had struggled for over 13 years and were being affected in ways that were less than desirable for us as a family.

 We wanted to support our boys' success as much as possible, but as we mentioned before, were really frustrated as to what to do.  It was then that we so we happened upon another way to help them.   
Trust us, We had tried everything ~ medication, no medication, behavior and diet modification. Nothing seemed to work for us as a family.

We're glad you found this blog because we know what it is like for you ,your child and the medical world to think there is limited support for those who have trouble focusing. This post has accrued so much interest and that has wonderfully surprised us! It just goes to show that there are many others that are looking for alternative natural ways ways to support their children and set them up for  success that struggle with focusing and mental wellness. Our hearts are happy knowing that our discovery may be life changing for another family.  
Lighting a path of hope and providing a wellness tool to support a child is, well, awesome! 

     As a note, We formerly called the essential oil blend I created PURE FOCUS but after some discussion, we have decided to change it to DESTINY blend because we believe that this oil blend which uses  Pure essential oils have allowed our children to be who they are destined to be. They are not held back by synthetic ingredients that hamper their true self. 
We wrote some of this blog post back in August 2013 but have updated it with more through information. 

     "So, back in 2012 Melissa posted the photo below on her Facebook sharing reality tidbits of our life as a big family and she got such a big response in private messages and comments that she  decided to share publicly on our blog here about our findings in supporting our kids who have focus issues such as paying attention in school, distraction and spontaneousness in the hopes that it might help someone else.  

This blog post is long, so be sure and bookmark it so you can find it again, if you can't read it all in one sitting! ;) 
I made this chart up to demonstrate a non ADD/ADHD child's brain function 
If you are reading this blog then you already know about FOCUS ISSUES, then we don't have to go into that much detail. More than likely you are looking for natural ways to help yourself or your child improve their attention span and behaviors instead of using controlled substances that can have many side affects. As a Pediatrician, I see families daily looking to help their kids. 

Above you see a chart we created to show the "normal" function of  how most people's brains works. Their brain functions as an in sync orchestra.  
But when those functions become impaired, it really is hard to organized all the info coming in to the brain. So easy task become more difficult to execute when a child has impaired functions. 

We've been on a health journey for a few years as I,  Melissa was recovering from the effects of two major diseases - which I will talk about another time as that is another whole story and blog.  (She no longer has issues and has been declared healthy).
 Anyway, Melissa happened upon a Facebook ad that some of her friends had liked to join a 10 day eat clean challenge.  She was wanting to take the next step to improve her health, so she thought, "Why not?" Through that challenge she discovered  the powerful benefits of Pure Essential Oils through She Shines Wellness (run by our now good friend and health coach, Casey Sollock)

I'll let Melissa tell the rest of the story. "After trying the sample E Os that Casey sent me, I had some really good results using the oils for myself after I ordered a basic kit and started taking the oils. I started giving them to my kids, we started seeing dramatic improvement in our kids wellbeing and  realized that their  immune systems were being boosted and amazingly by using the oils daily we were avoiding the kids' never ending, domino effect of..well you know what happens during the school year but the FDA won't let us say a G - - M  word if it is attached to eo's  (but that is another whole story as well). 
It was then that I had this great thought.... "Could these oils support my 4 boys ages 5-20 at the time with their focusing, spontaneousness and brain function issues?" 
I did some research on which oils support brain function and calming and after talking to my husband, we decided to give it a trial run to see if it could indeed be an alternative to what they had been using all these 14 years. 
Like I mentioned, we had already been doing behavior modification for years for all four boys, and had begun to remove as much sugar, preservatives and colorings from their diets as we could. We are still on that journey but we are making progress with great success. We had also been using JUICE PLUS, a whole food nutritional product for our youngest child as he was malnourished when we adopted him and his immunity had to be built up and eventually got the rest of the kids on them.

 We tried another focus blend by a well known Essential Oil company at first and though it is a great product it seemed a little too mild for them, they didn't care for the scent too much and it was only topical. It was good for helping them to stay slightly focused but they had to use a lot of it and roller bottles kept getting lost.We felt we needed something a little more intense. I felt they needed something in their system as well as aromatically and found some oils that were perfectly safe to ingest.   I then looked at some other blends that some other moms had come up with and decided to create one of my own based on different oil properties that supported brain function and calming and were soothing.  I have tweaked my blend over time and now seem to have a combination that works with all four of my boys' personality types. Not only can it be used topically in a roller bottle, but is ingestible as well. I called the blend DESTINY BLEND (formerly called PURE FOCUS). There are definitely no extenders or additives in the blend. It only contains pure grade essential oils. Each 15 ml bottle is 250 drops- more than enough for a months supply. 


  • Our 2 Twenty-three year old twins were adopted from Bulgaria at age 4. They have been on various meds since they were 7 years old. They also have several learning disabilities, one son more than the other. Their medical history is vague and they were born prematurely in less than ideal conditions. Being born with no prenatal care in Eastern Europe, left them with effects of possible Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and lack of oxygen when being born. Previous attempts on helping them traditionally have always had them suffer from lack of appetite, agitation, anxiety and sleeplessness, not sleeping more than 3-4 hours a day and the zoned out effect. We had at one point the doctor had given them medication to help them sleep but it affected them so negatively we dropped that.  Both have various degrees of focusing issues and one has some compulsive tendencies.  Constant behavior modification was pretty stressful and exhausting for the whole family. Not doing anything proved to be dangerous as they would do something spontaneous that was an endangerment to themselves and others. 
  • Our now 9 year old, adopted from China at age 2, has tried traditional ways of handling focus issues when he was 5 but they made him feel so weird that every morning it was a fight and major stress to get the medicine into him.  We gave up forcing him to do what he did not want. He was a very light sleeper and talked incessantly. He is an outward processor so everything he hears in order to remember it, he repeats most of the time. He also has sensory issues. We relied on behavior modifications with him as well. His focus was very limited. So much so, that it greatly interfered with his learning to read. He struggles with low self-esteem. 
  • Our now 7 year old, adopted from Uganda at age 1 and brought home when he was 2, was a failure to thrive baby who was severely malnourished when we got him. He has never been taken traditional meds for FOCUSING and SPONTANEOUSNESS. We mainly have used behavior modification with him and JUICE PLUS.  He has a mind that races all the time, and I refer to him as our bouncing Ping Pong Ball. He has  hardly ever walked- LOL!  He flips, dances and runs! ( and gives lots of hugs and kisses)  Rarely could he sit long enough to eat a meal but would eat on the move or standing up.  He couldn't really string words together to tell me a story.  His frustration at this was disheartening. His attention span is least of all the boys. 

AFTER two years we have seen a big difference in our kids.
  • Our twins are now completely off all traditional therapies. They have been using the DESTINY blend I make using highest quality pure grade essential oils and an EO ( Essential Oil) Omega Oil soft gel with 9 essential oils in it for their memory function, brain support, calming and soothing.  Since I have found out about the incredible health benefits of JUICE PLUS and the synergy it creates with essential oils, we have put them on JUICE PLUS which gives them that extra nutrition boost. One serving gives them the phytonutrients of 17+  ripened, fresh whole fruits and vegetables. We have seen their appetite increase, they sleep more (which attributes to better brain health) and they are functioning well - much better than when they ever have when they were receiving traditional therapy.
  • My 9 year old son is now able to control his verbal output more and has been able to focus on his reading development. He has better self control. His crying, frustrated fits are down. His appetite is greatly improved and he is able to be who he is. He loves using the oils.. He feels confident. We also include JUICE PLUS and an  Omega oils blend in his routine as well.
  • My 7 year old loves his essential oils!  Vetiver has really helped him to settle down. He is able to sit down now and eat with out bouncing around everywhere.  He can now speak to me in full sentences to talk instead of stumbling through words because his mind was going so fast. He is finally able to focus on words and read and sound them out. His appetite is good and his sleep is good. His frustrated meltdowns come less frequently. He is happy and sings and dances when he gets oils! We have had him on JUICE PLUS and Omega Blend as well."
By Dr. Duane Carter ~ Pediatrician
I'm always learning and searching for things to help my kids and my patients. If their lives can be improved and they can have success, then I want that for them.  In our journey, we discovered a few other things to use along with the DESTINY oil blend Melissa put together. We added them to our kids' routines and found that they were game changers for them. 
In fact, as a medical doctor, I tend to pay attention to scientific studies and in fact here is a short case study I found published in the American Medical Association Journal by Dr. Terry Friedmann MD that found significant results when children who had previously been diagnosed focus problems inhaled essential oils of vetiver, lavender and cedarwood.  

  • The inhalation of the oils proved to settle the children’s brain waves back into normal patterns and improved their scholastic performance and behavioral patterns.
      The final results were:

  • Lavender increased performance by 53%
  • Cedarwood increased performance by 83%
  • Vetiver increased performance by 100%

At first as you read the rest of this blog, it may seem long and detailed but doing these things everyday quickly becomes routine and all can be accomplished in a matter of a few minutes. I have tried to lay it out as simply as I can to help you. 
First I want to explain a couple of things,
You may wonder how essential oils work and what makes Pure Grade Essential Oils stand out? 

 Because of their high grade of purity, with no additives or extenders these essential oils can break through the blood brain barrier of a cell to go in and support the cells immediately. Your body recognizes it fully as a supportive friend. 

As you can see in the chart above, Pure Grade oils are 50-70 times more powerful than herbs. That is because when herbs are dried they lose a lot of their benefits. Top Quality Essential Oils are extracted live from the plant and not heated so the chemistry remains the same. The oils in a plant are its defense system and when oils enter into our bodies through the olfactory system (smell), topical through the skin, or internally (most Top Quality Essential oils can be ingested because of their purity.   I take oils daily to boost my immune system. 

Be sure you use an Essential Oil that is a pure grade essential oil that have no additives or extenders and have been harvested in their indigenous country of growth, pesticide free. Do not ingest just any essential oil until you have verified its purity and how the oils are harvested, distilled and packaged.
GETTING STARTED- Dr. Duane and Melissa Carter's Recommendations
Here is What I would suggest to start out with:
 I would suggest  LAVENDER or Calming Blend (1 drop massaged into the temples- away from eyes) OR put  1-2 drops each of VETIVER & CEDARWOOD OR VETIVER  Calming Blend - with w/2 drops Coconut oil on the bottoms of feet- Big Left toe for helping your child's mind or thoughts settle at night and to promote a good nights sleep. (Your child may not be sleeping deeply and their serotonin may be getting depleted.) As parents, we know this contributes to frustration and irritability as well. Vetiver is very thick so you may have to tap it to get it to come out or use a dropper with it. 
Use  Grounding Blend daily. This grounds them and helps support less stress in their life. You can give 1 drop at morning and night on the child's wrists or bottom of feet.( No carrier oil is needed unless you want to just massage into feet)  I  like putting it on the wrists because they can smell it and it also goes into the bloodstream quickly.   

Order our DESTINY Blend or get the oils from me (I can tell you which company I love the best) to make it yourself. 
You can use the blend internally, topically and aromatically.

 You can make capsules up to 2 weeks a head with no problem of leakage. 

Filling my boys' pill boxes

You can also use this blend in an empty roller bottle( by filling half way with DESTINY blend and fill to top with a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil.  Use as needed.(NO WORRIES ON USING TOO MUCH) I roll it on the back of the child's neck at the brain stem or have them roll it on their hand and they rub it on their neck.  Then have them inhale the scent on their hand deeply through the nose. The oils being carried through the olfactory system is very important in helping kids with FOCUSING, CALMING AND SOOTHING because the amygdala is what runs the fight or flight, memory issues, emotions and trust etc...

For Memory/Concentration Support: The part of the brain responsible for interpreting aromas is closely tied to the part of the brain responsible for long term memory and emotions.  Studies have demonstrated the ability of essential oil aromas such as rosemary, peppermint  and lavender to help enhance memory and alertness in human trials. 

You can read the findings from a study in the International Journal of Neuroscience on concerning cognition and essential oils HERE

Try inhaling rosemary, peppermint, lavender or frankincense when studying or learning; then inhale the same aroma when you need to recall the information.  Try diffusing lavender, lemon, or rosemary oils to help aid concentration. 
CAUTION!~ The reason Melissa my wife has the kids rub it on themselves is because some of the oils, have calming effects and when Melissa was first giving it to our boys, she found herself becoming extremely drowsy! She was ready to take a nap.  Her brain functions just fine so the extra calming oils after helping 4 kids were knocking her on her butt! LOL!  So, if you have a little one, and you have to rub it on, just be aware.  :)

You have to remember that the oils are not time released like you may have experienced with the old way of doing things so it does require more topical applications through out the day in some cases for a while in the beginning of use. 
Another thing to note is that regeneration of cells in the body take about 3 months so even though you  may see some immediate results, you will see even more with consistent usage. 

I would definitely suggest starting your child using a Essential Oil  Omega Softgels. These soft gels have 9 essential oils and your Omega's in them) This made a huge difference in my kids' memory and brain function. One thing to note is that the EO Omega contains Astaxanthin.
Natural Astaxanthin is great for many things but in our case it is an awesome antioxidant that we can support brain function against free radicals. 
  • Supports your brain and nervous system from free radicals
  • Able to cross the blood-brain barrier (beta-carotene and some others don't do this)
  • Protects your brain and nervous system from oxidative stress
Our 5 year old takes them without problems.  I personally believe that this is one of the best products on the market. If your child just can't take a pill, you can puncture the softgel and add to their food. I give 1 a day to my 4 boys. Another option, if your child won't take capsules, is to give them Omega Liquid which is  WILD ORANGE flavored..  Adding in Omegas was really a GAME CHANGER our boys

If you want to look more at clinical research for naturally supporting Behavioral Disorders  then go HERE

Another blend that I have found that is helpful and calming
and soothing or spontaneity is to diffuse Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, 2 drops each and 4 drops of Wild Orange in an Essential Oil diffuser.  For on the go you can make this mixture in a roller bottle adding 15-20 drops of Fractionated Coconut oil to put on the base of the skull or upper spine. 
I diffuse this Frankincense blend above in my older daughter's room, as she can get stressed and defiant during the day to saturate the air around her and help her emotionally. 
Diffusing Bergamot and Lemongrass helps settle feelings of low self esteem and negativity.You can also put on the child's palms and have them inhale deeply 3-4 times.  

Here is a list of "10 Brain Foods" on WebMD that will get you started on that nutrition path. I know as parents, we already feed our kids well but let's face it, we cannot give them all the raw, whole vegetables and fruits they need in one day to get the optimal nutrition!! 
As a Pediatrician, I (Duane) like science as well as does my 18 year old son. He sat down one day and figured out how many hours we would need to eat to get the BEST nutrition possible for optimal brain function. (because that is what we like to do)   :)
    Guess what we figured out? There is not enough hours in the day to eat that much food, plus we would spend way more energy consuming it than we had if we are only are using whole food sources without cooking for optimum nutrition!  
So needless to say, I am thankful for the scientific team that came up with the Juice Plus Product! 
Everyday, when my kids eat 2 fruit and 2 vegetable JUICE PLUS chewables, I want to give them a high 5 and say Congratulations! You just ate a bunch of whole fruits and veggies! 
I would highly recommend giving your child this whole food nutritional product such as JUICE PLUS.  Juice Plus is also contains antioxidants that fight free radicals. It definitely Bridges the gap in nutrition intake. 

These come as a chewable or capsule and kids love them! Hey! Adults love them! 
 Eating 4 chewable gummies a day gives the same nutrients, (including fiber )as juicing 1 quart of 17+ fruits and vegetables (that have been picked from the vine at the perfect ripeness and highest nutrient content). Like I said, I can't even begin to get that amount of fruits and veggies into our kids on a daily basis, let alone spend all that time grocery shopping for the best organic fruits and veggies in town.   
Our family has been using JUICE PLUS for 5 years.

Unfortunately though, for most of those years, I did not realize the value of the product, and we only used it with a couple of the kids to build up their immunity after we adopted them. Now we have all of them taking it and Melissa and I could write another whole blog on the results of that! 
Since using JUICE PLUS regularly, my kids sugar consumption and cravings have dwindled 75%!)

Here is a short video explaining how JUICE PLUS bridges the gap in giving us the nutrition that we all need.

This last step is very important and I (Melissa) have watched my kids' confidence shoot up and their attitudes shift by doing this 3 minute exercise every morning: This will also teach your child to learn self control. 

  • a. Apply 1 drop of the Grounding Blend to child's wrist and rub wrists together. Have them breathe in.
  • b. Place 1 drop of the The Joyful Blend in palm of hand and gently rub together. Cup hands over nose and breathe in a couple of times. Place one hand on head and the other over heart or cup over nose lightly. (Encourage child to learn to stand still if possible) Breathe in deeply through nose, exhaling through mouth 2-3 times. Say affirmations together such as "I am powerful". "Who I am Changes the World". "I Possess Joy" "I Give Joy to Others". "I am successful" or other things that they can say to learn to encourage and edify themselves. 
It may seem like a lot but it quickly becomes routine. :)

  • To give you an idea of our daily routine, I have created a little schedule:
  • 1. Every morning and afternoon take 1 capsule of Destiny Blend and every morning 1 capsule of EO Omega.
  • 2. Every morning take 2 fruit and 2 vegetable Juice Plus chewables.
  • Use 1 drop of Grounding Blend on wrists or feet. Rub wrists together and inhale a couple of times.
  • 4. Every morning rub the Destiny Blend Roller bottle on hands or neck of child and have them rub into base of neck. 
  • 5. Use the Roller Bottle of  Destiny blend or  the Focus Blend  when needed.
  • 6. Use The Joyful Blend and do the 2-3 minute exercise mentioned above in the morning
  • 7. Before bed, use a drop of Grounding Blend on the wrists again AND a drop of Lavender, Calming Blend AND/OR Vetiver for sleep on the feet. (Can apply to big toe on left foot)

 We see all the worlds of natural alternatives, spiritual input and modern medicine as important in our lives. As a pediatrician , I am supportive of families who want a more natural way to support wellness in their lives. 

~Contact us to learn more about essential oils. Click Here to contact her.
~ You can buy the DESTINY BLEND straight from Melissa as well.  
Listed below are the different packages available. When you purchase these kits, Melissa will contact you to get more information from you. 

KIT #1- "EVERYTHING TO SUPPORT MY CHILD NATURALLY" Package  $590.00  (Retail value: $850)
1. All the certifiably therapeutic and pure grade oils needed to make the DESTINY BLEND (8 Oils including the valuable oils Frankincense and Roman Chamomile) This is enough Oils to make 4-5 recipes (may need to replace Vetiver and Bergamot more often than other oils)
2.Wholesale Essential Oil Membership (with a $10 refund on your membership from Duane and Melissa)
3. 160 veggie capsules
4. 1 glass dropper
5. 1 small roller bottle with DESTINY BLEND/Carrier oil
6. 1 empty roller bottle
7. 1 capsule holder
8. 15 ml bottle each of Calming Blend and Grounding Blend, and Joyful Blend Essential Oils (discounted 25% off retail)
9. Monthly supply of JUICE PLUS chewables or capsules (Child is free with Adult order) (with $20 refund on your 1st month order)
10. Two 30ml bottles for mixing blend in
11. FREE Destiny Blend Recipe
12. 1 bottle of EO Omega Soft gels (120 capsules)
13. FREE Modern Essential Guide to using Essential Oils ($14.95 value)
13. FREE Healthy Can Be Simple Essential Oil guide
14. Instructions on Using DESTINY BLEND
15. FREE 5ml Orange ($4.60 value)
16. A wooden box for your oils ($15 value)
17. Discounted Essential Oil Diffuser ($50-$60 value- You pay $28)
18. FREE Wellness Consult- phone, skype or email
19. FREE Online Class- "Supporting Your Child- FOCUSING NATURALLY
20. 4 oz.  Fractionated Coconut Oil
21. FREE  Rewards Program Membership (earn points for free oils with every purchase)

KIT #2- "SUCCESS" Package $220 (Retail Value $320)
1. A 15ml bottle of DESTINY BLEND made with certifiably therapeutic and pure grade oils essential Oils (approx. 1 month supply)
2. 1 year wholesale Essential Oil membership (with a $10 refund for membership)
3. 160 veggie capsules
4. 1 glass dropper
5. 1 small roller bottle with DESTINY BLEND/Carrier oil
6. 15 ml bottle each of Calming Blend and Grounding Blend, and Joyful Blend Essential Oils (discounted 25% off retail)
7. Monthly supply of JUICE PLUS chewables or capsules (Child is free with Adult order)(with $20 refund on 1st month order)
8. FREE Modern Essential Guide to using Essential Oils ($15 value)
9. FREE Healthy Can Be Simple Essential Oil guide
10. FREE Instructions on Using DESTINY BLEND
11. FREE Wellness Consult- phone, skype or email
12. FREE Online Class ~ "Supporting Your Child to Focus Naturally"
13. 4 oz. Fractionated Coconut Oil
14. FREE Loyalty Rewards Program

SUCCESS KIT - 2 options
Kit #3- "LET'S TRY IT" Package $75 (includes shipping) (Retail Value:$100)
1. A 15ml bottle (250 drops) of DESTINY BLEND made with certifiably therapeutic and pure grade oils essential Oils (approx. 1 month supply)
2. FREE 30 veggie capsules
3. FREE  glass dropper
4. 1 small roller bottle with DESTINY BLEND/Carrier oil
5. FREE Sample each of Lavender and Balance
6. FREE 1 week supply of JUICE PLUS chewables and information brochure
7. FREE Healthy Can Be Simple Essential Oil guide
8. FREE Instructions on Using Destiny Blend
9. FREE Wellness Consult- phone, skype or email
10. FREE Online Class ~ " Supporting Your Child to FOCUS Naturally"

LET'S TRY IT KIT - 2 options
Sample Kit #4 $35 (includes shipping) (Retail Value $50)
1. A 5 ml bottle (85 drops) of DESTINY BLEND made with certifiably therapeutic and pure grade oils essential oils
2. FREE 25 veggie capsules
3. FREE 1 glass dropper
4. 1 small roller bottle with Destiny Blend/Carrier oil
5. FREE Sample each of Lavender and Grounding Blend
6. FREE 1 week supply of JUICE PLUS chewables
7. FREE Healthy Can Be Simple Essential Oil Guide
8. FREE Instructions on Using Destiny Blend
9. FREE Wellness Consult
10. FREE Online Class ~ "Supporting Your Child to FOCUS Naturally"

SAMPLE Support Focusing KIT - 2 options

We hope this blog has been helpful and some will find an answers they have been looking for. We would love to hear from you at if you have any questions.

~If you are interested and want to get started on your wellness journey today using Essential oils and/or Juice Plus, please contact us at Visit our website at and 

 Melissa is a Wellness Advocate and is not a doctor or nurse. She does not diagnose or treat. She loves High Quality Essential oils because she knows  that they are really awesome unadulterated, pure oils.  This blog is a reflection of  her personal experiences and opinion. We love Juice Plus because it bridges a nutritional gap in our family and is superior to any supplement our kids could take.  Melissa's goal in this blog is to be able to provide a venue of information that can empower others to help support their child's brain function and their success in life. 

 Dr. Duane Carter is a Pediatrician in Redding, CA and I approve of this blog and love these products as they are effective in supporting families in their heath and wellness .  :-)


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