Thursday, February 18, 2016

Our New Grounding Solution

We hardly have to ground our kids but there are times that it needs to be done.  Sometimes teens want to push through and find their own way more than we would like. I needed a constructive way to ground a kid while at the same time make them feel good for accomplishing something as well as it needing to be constructive for the family.  I did a little research and found some ideas online and then made my own list up. Since our kids have their regular daily chores anyway, I put extra projects on my list as well as those things that need doing only sometimes. If you would like a copy that you can change to suit you, then email me and I can get a changeable copy to you.  There is a MAJOR grounding as well that they have to work off 1000 points.

UPDATE: So I had three boys who got grounded recently at the same time for different things. One had a MAJOR grounding and the other two had MINOR GROUNDINGS.
Well, the two younger ones at first were bummed but got to work on getting ungrounded right way when they realized that they had it in their control as to how long they were grounded.  They chose happy attitudes and were quiet proud of their accomplishments.  The third child, well, he had a MAJOR grounding and actually got grounded before the others. He choose a bad attitude (which deducts points) and decided that he didn't have time to do anything. He also lost out on a privilege of going to a party. :(   So when he decided to finally do a chore to earn, he found out that all the things on the list had already been done within the last few days and so he was stuck with mom projects.  He finally chose to change his attitude so it is looking up that he might be ungrounded soon.

Here is the Link to access a file of it.

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