Saturday, March 6, 2010

A visit to an Interesting Asian Restaurant

Sarah was feeling pretty tired so we dropped her off back at the hotel and went with Jason and Sarah to the huge mall. They took us to this Asian restaurant that was unlike anything I've ever seen. As you sit at your table you have this rotating belt come by with ingredients for your soup. Your pot on the table has broth of two kinds and you add what you want. It was delicious and fun. They also had a bar where you could get tempura shrimp, rice and sushi which was the best I have ever tasted. (Of course since I am in an Asian country it should taste better huh?) There is a video clip at the end of this posts to give you a feel of the restaurant.

Jason Ricketts. See the food coming by the table?
Yum! Sushi of all kinds, Shrimp Tempura and some other stuff. See the squid on the other plate? We put that in our soup. Yum. Jason and I liked it.
Our pot of water and Asian veggies
Mikki eating her sushi with chop sticks
Me eating my sushi with chopsticks
Lots of choices-- Fish, eggs, onions, pig liver, tofu,bok choy, other green leafy stuff, shrimp, and very interesting stuff.

These are rat's ear mushrooms and I must say they were delicious

A video clip at the restaurant

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