Saturday, March 6, 2010

Thailand - Sat. March 6,2010 - Children's Party

We went back to our hotel for a couple of hours and Jason and Sarah picked us up to take us to meet Marg whom we had met earlier in the day. We went to her mission and helped with a party for children of the area. They frosted heart shaped cookies and decorated them, the first time they had ever had an opportunity to do that. They did a great job and seemed to enjoy it greatly. The mission is run by an Australian teacher here. We got to lay hands on the kids and pray for them. They were so thankful for the prayers and hungry for love. We passed out candy and the paper heart cards our kids at Grace House had made for them.
It was interesting at how from two parts of the world God threw a theme party! Hearts from AL to pass out and heart cookies to decorate and hugs to be given out!
Isn't it just like God to choose LOVE for his theme?????? Oh, He is such a great creative God!!!!!!! I knew He LOVED parties!. We are going to pass out the rest of the cookies on the streets. What was interesting was that before we left and our church family prayed over us, that Mikki was given the word "cookie". That God was going to do something powerful that involved cookies. We had no idea! Mikki came looking for God and when they told us that we were going to help with cookies. We got excited!
After talking to Marg even for a few minutes, you could not help but notice that this woman, was full of God and that she took him at his word. She was such an inspiration to be around and listen to. The kids love her. Her future plans are to have a day school where the kids can come and be safe and learn of Jesus and be educated. Before you can actually start a ministry, you have to have everything in place and all purchases made before you even apply for a permit.
We asked Marg to pray over us and she did and it was quite powerful. God really displayed his love during this whole night. Sometimes we may not see all that God does behind the scenes but we can trust Him that he HAS done something to add to his kingdom.

There was an adjoining youth mission called the Crossing where youth hang out and skateboard, play pool, etc. It was a great afternoon.

The children ready to do their cookies. None of them had never done this before.

Me helping to decorate too

They worked very hard and diligently
I think these were the only two girls in the bunch
Mikki heling one of the boys
The kids were coloring boxes for their cookies to take home
Marg who runs this center
Sarah Davis, was enjoying being with the kids
Marg talking to Mikki and Sarah
All the kids lined up to show their cookies
Lillie giving out candy

Anna and Mikki were praying over the kids
Sarah was handing out candy
Giving out the heart cards that Gracehouse kids made for the kids
Praying over Juan who was going to be preaching the next day
Sarah, Mikki, Me, Marg
Marg had prayed over us and we prayed over her andher ministry
Some of the guys at the Crossing youth center. Juan mostly runs this.
The inside had a pool table, couch, TV books, skate boards, and games
Coming from the atmosphere in Pattaya, Thailand, I thought this was hilarious. Please don't be offended. It is a mannequin. :)
The skate ramps

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