Saturday, March 6, 2010

VERY UNIQUE Thai restaurant - This post might not be suitable for younger kids

We had some more interesting Thai food today, too. Not only did we enjoy the interesting restaurant in the mall but after we finished with the kids. Jason and Sarah had an interesting place to take us. They warned us a little hand before. It was not like anything we have ever encountered.
The name of the restaurant was Cabbages and Condoms. Yes, you read that right.
The owner has several in Thailand and I think other places but is a philanthropist and decided he needed to do something to educate the Thai people on safe sex and about HIV/ AIDS and birth control. So he started a campaign to do just that. His restaurants promote and advocate these things. Profits from the restaurants fund schools he has started as a prevention program. With an education he also believes younger ones will have a better chance of staying off the streets. He employs Thai people and teaches them English and skills. I think he won a nobel prize for his efforts. The food was incredible Thai food. The atmosphere was decks built up in magnificent trees over looking the ocean. It was great! As you leave, instead of dinner mints you get..... yes, you are correct.
If you want to check out more info on the place,
Click here.
Here is an excerpt from another travel blog.
The restaurant founded by former Minister of Health, Mechai Viravaidya, as a way to raise funds for his personally-funded birth control programs and AIDS education and awareness efforts in Thailand. With several C&C restaurants spread around Thailand, and the dedication and success that Khun Mechai has had in lowering birth rates and AIDS cases in Thailand, condoms have been lovingly nicknamed "Mechai" in the Thai language.

They had mist fans blowing so sometimes my pictures didn't turn out clearly

The politicians
Jane feeding the politicians
There were signs all through the gardens that you had to walk through to get to the restaurant.

The kids had run down to the beach and we were enjoying the night breeze off of the ocean
My favorite-- Coconut soup
I do not remember what these were, just only that they were very good! Some veggies
Wanna guess that their clothes are made of?

Made of packets of contraceptive pills
Shoes are collected for the school children I assume

A spirit house and the explaination

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