Monday, July 27, 2015

Our Ugandan Adoptions CONT.

Since there are so many rules around International Adoption these days with the Hague Convention in place, we are not really allowed to openly blog about the process that involves details. It's kind of crazy because people don't really get to follow the heart of your adoption freely like they used to.  I get it that they are protecting kids from "harm" etc. but sometimes it just goes a little too far.  Because of this I have created a SECRET group on FB that you have to request to join if you want to follow our adoption process fully.

It has been over 7 years since we have done this process and with us living in a different state, I am having to relearn the whole process. I can blog here about basic news on the adoptions and my personal thoughts but any private info, I will only post on the FB group.  

I also cannot post pics of little J until he is officially ours- but you can see his pic on the Private FB group if you request to join. The post that are here are general in nature but any private ones will be  labled with "SEE FB GROUP" 

Blessings, Melissa 

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