Sunday, July 26, 2015

Gladiator post #12 4-26-2015

POST #12 July 26, 2015 
Standing in worship this morning, I met God, I felt his heart and his Love. Many times, while in that place of peace and refilling, my mind becomes clear and focused. Things that are on my heart, get felt by God and he gives me words of love and courage. He reminds me that he IS. 
Sometimes, I soak it in and sometimes I feel the need to write. I wrote this down. Usually it hits home with another person as I know God uses each of us to lift the other. So this is what I felt this morning.
"There's something about stepping into the adoption process that thrusts you into this big arena of faith!
I picture myself as a Gladiator contending for the promise of another. The promise of a family. The promise of no longer being lonely but being set into a family. (Ps.68:6) In this arena, we are going up against the fury of death and destruction. The circumstances at times look dreary and harsh. I know having traveled this road before that there may times that look hopeless and I may start to fear loss. But through it all, I know that I am fearless, because I know Love wins. I cannot walk out of this arena a loser. There is another I am fighting for. 

Maria wrote this the other day on our driveway. 
Duane took a photo of it. It says, "Nothing can stop me from God's Love"

When I think how He loves that little child, my heart bursts with that same love. A Love way beyond me. beyond my capacity. A Love that is more powerful than death. A Love that is backed by all of the forces of heaven. A Love that carries hope and joy. A Love that brings life and restores. So here I go. I am ready. Open the gates. I will contend. I will persevere for the one. Oh, how he loves them! Oh how he loves us! And for that reason no power of hell can stop me. Who can stand against us, if God be for us! (Romans 8) The champion of heaven is fighting for us.  He's made a way for a child to enter in to a family where forever resides. He makes me brave! "

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