Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Adoption Post #13, 7-29-2015

POST #13 July, 29, 2015
Well, we got all our initial payments in and now to start on the mountain of paperwork that is entailed in a homestudy. It can be quiet overwhelming for sure! Wish they had an "epidural" for all you have to go through while being adoptant. It is definitely a more intensive process now with Hague policies in place than it was even 6 years ago!

 Between the 5 books we have to read and reports we have to do on them, CPR training, parenting classes, to the personal profiles and criminal checks in every state we've lived in since age 18, ordering birth & marriage certificates, and dmv reports, my mind is wigging out. 

So it's deep breathes, lots of essential oils, and one step at a time. So here are the prayer requests:
1. That I can find our certificates for our three trainings for aftercare and emotional healing/parenting training that we have done in hopes that we can bypass some of the parental training. 

2. That govt. agencies will send our results from finger printing and criminal checks rather quickly
3. That finances would be provided for each step. We are thinking about some creative fundraisers very soon.
4. That "Uxxxxxx" govt. would not have any negative policy changes during this process
5. That we would be brave in our faith to trust God in this journey

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