Thursday, July 9, 2015

Here We Go Again! Adoption Journeys 11 and 12!

Just when we are getting down to 5 kids at home, God is increasing our family size! LOL! We have not done a home study in about 7 years so I feel like a complete newbie! We have to start over from scratch as we are living in a new state  and an updated home study just won't work. 
In July, two years ago, we suddenly had V brought to our home from a disrupted African adoption. (You can read the story HERE.) Within a couple of days we knew she was to be ours. Complications with state policies involving her final adoption has also prevented us from giving her the Carter name. It has been frustrating and disappointing to say the least.

Also, two years ago in May, I met a little boy, J while teaching at a women's conference in AFRICA, and we decided to pursue his adoption but so many roadblocks these past two years have prevented it from happening. We released him to God and decided to move on. 
( You can read more HERE

We are creating a  private Facebook group because there has been breakthrough for both children! We are so excited that God is doing some impossible things to allow us to be family to these two wonderful children. We have to keep the details of V's and J's process low key and where as I have always blogged publicly about our past adoptions, we need to do this one a little more privately.  I will put generalistic posts here on this blog but no details of our journey experiences. 

I assure you, we have always had adventurous adoptions and will need prayer and encouragement support from family , friends and the adoption community. smile emoticon

If you want to be part of this group, please FACEBOOK friend request me at  Melissa Ammons Carter and PM me to let me know you want to be added to the Secret Group.  I cannot add you to the group if you are not a FB friend. 

Blessings and Love, Melissa and Duane

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