Sunday, April 12, 2015


Well, I woke up feeling much better! Yay! Today, I planned on making up for not doing anything really special yesterday and since the carnival was only in town for the week, I decided we would go during the day time. I had already booked us for a family fun bowling night for the evening. 
I got everyone up and rolling so they could get their chores done and lunch eaten before we left. 

I myself had never been to a traveling carnival before, but I already knew my pocket book was going to take a hit, so I had prepared myself to ignore that and just have some fun. 
Yep, it did. The sheets of tickets were not that bad, but when it came to HOW MANY TICKETS per ride, now that was a little over the top.  We probably could have gone to King's Kingdom in Sacramento for the same price! 
We split the tickets up and I took the two littles and let them pick what they wanted to ride. Everyone chose the swings first and the giggles and smiles even on my 18 year old were worth it. 

The kids ready to play! 

The first ride Isaiah and Violetti went on was the slides! 

Allenni and Andrew on the swings

Up, Up and Round and Round

Violetti wanted to ride the Carousel, She had never ridden one before. When I asked Isaiah, if he wanted to ride he said, "Nah, that ride is too booorring. " 

This ride was a space ship that spun to outer space- Supposedly. LOL! We misread the sign and thought it was only 3 tickets. Oops! It was 4 but since we had no more tickets, the guy let the kids in anyway. 

After the Space ship! Everyone of them was drunk and dizzy! They all fell on the ground and moaned and groaned. Andrew got the hardest hit and I didn't think he was going to make it. 

Well, nausea didn't last too long and we decided to get some funnel cakes. That was a must on Graham's list! We had been smelling them the whole time. We were disappointed to go to concessions and find no Funnel Cakes, only Churros. So we decided to head to the Mall Food Court to get a snack.  Graham was herding us all along so that we would not "shop". It didn't stop us from entering into a toy store where everyone wanted everything! A big reminder why I don't take 6 kids with me shopping.  Graham played a quick game of tabletop fuse ball with me where he creamed me, while Eli made much noise on a pinball machine. Isaiah was intrigued by everything and Violetti had never seen so much girl stuff. Graham herded us all out the door once again, reminding us to keep walking. You would have thought he was a grandpa with the kids! 
Well, we checked out all the food choices and no body wanted any of it and we decided to head back to Razzilicious for the 2nd time this week and get another frozen yogurt.

After running an errand, we made it home in time to chill out for awhile before we had to head to the Bowling Alley. 
I think we have been to the bowling alley only 1 time before as a family and that was many years ago. We had reserved two lanes, 4 pizzas and 2 pitchers of Soda ( a very special treat) and the kids were quite shocked that I had gotten soda, so it didn't last long. Right when we began to bowl, I happened to look at my phone and saw a text from a friend. I had forgotten to pick him up! I ran to the van and went after him! I was so glad he only lived down the road! 
Rosen joined us for a second game and this mama kept the score up better than I thought I would. I guess those college bowling classes paid off after all! 

Eli is smiling because he just pestered his brothers

Rosen, Nathaniel, Ben and Andrew is serious about this bowling thing!

Violetti, made a good bowl! Look! she painted her nails! 

Mama and Daddy's scores are looking good! We were beating the boys who had bumper guards! LOL!

Yes! I made a strike! 

This was right before the games began. There ended up being many more bowling balls

Competition is serious.

Cutie Patutie

Girls Just gotta have fun! 

See, I told you there ended up being more balls. Nathaniel had several more balls than anyone and most coordinated with his Alabama hat and shirt

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Kathy C. said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I know what you mean that you probably could have gone to an amusement park for the same price. I always think I'll take the kids to the fair, but then I look at the crowd and the price and talk them into something else. Maybe now that we're down to only three at home....


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