Thursday, May 1, 2014

Just Blessed in Life May 2014

Duane always laughs at me because when I say I need to run to the store for a few things, it usually means a CART of things from a Restaurant Supply Store! LOL! Really, this only feeds our family for a couple of weeks. 

a few things
Eating out is rare for us because we are such a large group, so when we do, it is very exciting! We decided one Sunday morning to go to Denny's for a brunch. I have memories of my parents taking me as a child and hadn't been in years. We decided to try our local one out. Everyone was excited that they could add coffee, hot Chocolate or juice to their orders as we usually all get waters. I was excited to get some grits that this southern girl had not had in a while.  As we were sitting there, a gentleman walks up to Duane and whispers something to him. Duane thanked him and the man walked off. Duane said, "Guys, that man just paid for all of our Brunch! Can you believe it?"  So our bill ended up being paid for except for my grits that I forgot to order! I love how God sends little blessings at the time you least expect it.  Since we had planned to pay for our Brunch, we  all agreed to pay it forward and paid for a another larger family that had come in and ate. I hope with these actions of our kids seeing that when we are blessed, we take that blessing and forward it. and that in the process we are imprinting the joy of giving to others on our kids.
Sarah- the daughter of a missionary friend who lived with us last year and Allenni and Ben and Nathaniel

The other part of the crew- Graham, Isaiah, Andrew, Violetti, and Eli

The crew

our bill
Later on in the week, Duane got this note from one of his patients' family.  

It is no secret our family loves Ice Cream- On a psychological note, when you are creating bonds with older children, you can eat ice cream together around a fun time or sitting close and the body will secrete the same chemicals in the brain as when a baby is nursing or sucking a bottle and being nurtured and trust is developed. 
When I learned this years ago, We ate A LOT of ice cream. So Ice Cream in our house is not bought in the 1.5 qt size! No, it is purchased by the 5 gallon buckets. :) 

We rarely get rain in the spring or summer. So when a storm cloud like this arises, it is pretty cool
 The weather is great around here in May. So we hang out a lot on the patio and eat ice cream and chill

Violetti calls her new hairdo, Barbie hair.

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