Saturday, April 26, 2014

Graham's Junior Prom and My trip to Seattle April 2014

Unfortunately, I had a scheduled trip to Seattle for several days, during Graham's Junior Prom. My wonderful hubby was so great in taking over parental duties of helping Graham get ready, and driving them to their dinner and event. 

This kid hates ties just like his dad

They looked awesome- Graham and his girlfriend Chelsea

They are so cute together! 

 Since Graham didn't get his license in time, he did what any good ole Southern boy would do to take his girl to the prom! He hopped on the lawn mower! 

Dinner at Nellos- A great Italian restaurant in town

Duane Dropped me off in Sacramento that morning then headed back home to handle Prom stuff. It was good to see some of my girlfriends and get a way for a few days.  I got treated to some girl time on Fox Island, shopping, and some deep sleep. I am blessed to have an awesome hubby who allows me time to recoup. 

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