Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Nathaniel and Ben's Birthday April 2014

I am so behind in blogging and finding the place to start to catch up on was hard.
 I decided to start with Nathaniel and Ben's birthday last year.  They turned 22 and are still living at home! Hopefully Ben has gotten on his feet and is planning on getting his own place this summer. I really love these boys. I would have never imagined how wonderfully they have developed into young men. Where has time gone?
I made pina coladas since we were eating by the pool

Yummy Ribs for dinner! 

Ben saying YES! i'll have them all! 

Poolside celebration

Violetti was sporting her new hairdo at the party as Eli Photo bombs Nathaniel's perfectly good photo

Another photo bomb by Eli. Is this boy a ham or what?

The Parent people who have thus far survived the last 18 years with these two! 

The birthday ice cream cake

Isaiah bringing out the cake! he loves Birthdays.

Ben can't decide on his wish so he is letting the candles melt the cake

Opening presents

Game stop card

Ben love Klondike Bars

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