Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dr. Seuss Day Cake Competition February 27, 2014

Some days end up being packed way more than I should. Even though I tell the kids no, I usually will end up with a compromise. LOL!                                                               This time it was Allenni, who wanted to win the cake competition for Dr. Seuss at her school. Well, I am a little competitive and so we made a game plan.  She did all the work but the detail touches and after a full day, I worked on the cake while my daughter snoozed a way. I wrote the following on FB. 

"Working all day to run a business -mental exhaustion.  Running a large household keeping everyone on their toes- physical exhaustion. 
Teaching a class til 10pm on essential oils- fun, 
Staying up til 2am to finish daughter's cake for Dr. Seuss cake competition- very tiring as well as relaxing, 
Seeing the huge smile on daughter's face and hearing thank you over and over- PRICELESS!"

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