Monday, May 5, 2014

A Painting Is Done

I do not paint as much as I want to, but I did get a Painting done recently. I love how it turned out. I titled it Let Love Loose.

Watercolor 22x30

My newest painting, LET LOVE LOOSE - Voice of Justice
In beginning this painting, I wanted to portray the action of True Love being released without the use of traditional symbols such as hearts. I pondered, I prayed, I kept a watchful eye for weeks for anything that would ignite in me on how to do this. In worship service one night, I was entranced by how beautiful the dancers were worshipping. God spoke to my heart, "You let Love loose by dancing with me in worship. That is the Armor I am giving. In worship, the voice of justice reigns and the captive is set free." So began creating a dancer who symbolically portrayed us releasing God's loving justice to the world. The greatest act of Justice was the death of Jesus and the greatest act of Hope was His resurrection. The dancer's dress was once my old art rags and I overlaid them with metallic paint symbolizing that the old is now new revealing the Glory of God. Looking closely, you can see the outline of the world behind her. I carefully brushed essential oils over each continent praying as to what oils to use symbollically. I love essential oils and the beauty of their ability to aid in emotional healing. This is what God revealed to me to declare his Justice and love over each one. North America- White Fir- The Oil of Generational Healing, New Zealand and Australia- Citrus Bliss- Oil of Creativity, Greenland- Wild Orange- Oil of Abundance, Europe, EurAsia(Russia,Ukraine) - Melissa- Oil of Truth, Asia(China, India, MiddleEast) Oil of Purification, South America- Cypress- Oil of Motion and Flow, Africa- Elevation - Oil of Abundance and Joy. Symbolically, I "anointed" the continents in prayer and oils. Tears rose up in my heart and overflowed into my eyes and the heart of God revealed itself of what he wanted for each continent. For hours after I literally cried over the earth and things revealed in my heart. The dancer holds a turquoise ribbon swirling freely around her and I chose this color because Turquoise represents the heart of God communicating to the spirit of man. The verses written on the ribbon are about his justice and his unfailing love. They include Matthew 23:23, Zech. 7:9, Isaiah 1:17, Psalm 99:20, Luke 18:17, Job 37:23, Psalm 140:12, Isaiah 51:4-5 and Psalm 106:3. When justice and love are released, hope bursts forth from heaven like a fire igniting us to bravely dance in worship setting the captive free. -Melissa Carter

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