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If you are an adoptive family, you might discover that your kids might hoard. Hoarding does not just apply to food, it can apply to anything at any given time. It is a security issue and can takes years to overcome. The other issue that can be a NORMAL part of your life is what I call "JUNKING" - The ability not to know how to care for your stuff and you let it junk up and/or let it get ruined.  Taking ownership of your space or stuff is a hard concept to comprehend.  HONESTLY, It is a never ending frustration on my part but I am much more relaxed about it than I used to be.  (One time, a few years ago, I cleaned out 8,  33 gallon garbage bags out from under my son's TWIN bed!!! ( I am not exaggerating!)  I found stuff I had been missing for months!! Most was trash.

MYSELF- I LIKE SIMPLICITY AND I LIKE NICE THINGS. In my book, I don't need much of something but quality and beauty are important to me. I don't like Junky things and if I have something nice, I take care of it. ( I am a thrifty shopper though and do love a bargain) My kids.... well, they like large quantities and like junk. So... somewhere,  we have to compromise..... We do clean outs 1-2 times a year, they have to give up old clothes to get new ones, Trash is trash, throw it away.  etc.... They gripe and complain and sometimes the older ones have temper tantrums like the young ones do.... BUT they pass. :)

BUT WHEN I SEE SOMETHING GETTING OUT OF HAND..... I have to step in beyond our compromise.

When my kids rooms get overly cluttered and they are not following the boundaries that have been set up for keeping their space tidy, it is usually accompanied by other issues.
 I  tend to see a correlation to their minds being cluttered, their spirits being overwhelmed, emotional trash starts to clutter up their lives. attitudes become less lovely and confusion seems to visit more often.
And this always seems to hit in spurts and everyone joins in except maybe one or two.  Its sorta like a planned mutiny.... LOL!

So what do I do???
I used to scream and yell! I used to cry. I used to do a lot of things that never worked. They only ended with mad attitudes everywhere. Then defeat and overwhelmingness would set in. Now that the kids are older and we have more of them, they sorta look at me wide eyed with dumbfounded looks as if to say.... You seriously think this is a problem? What smell? I don't smell anything? Food? We can't bring food into our rooms? When did that start? You want me to pick up MY stuff off the floor??? You mean stuffing it under the bed is not storing it???

Now,  I am clever... I don't yell. I just have to figure out how to be creative.  This time, I gave a verbal warning with a deadline.
Then I left CUTE notes.
KYLO - Keep Your Love On

Clean or dirty?? who knows

There has got to a place to put this stuff. The white drawer that it is on--- is empty

When those signs didn't do what they were supposed to, I sent another verbal warning that doom is inevitable.  With some this is all it takes. With others, They smile and go on their happy, junky way.
Then came the last and threatening warning.... 
The girls room is VERY SCARY! 

Two of the boy's room
Either Angels' wings shed or his feather pillow has a hole
I organized these shelves a few months ago

He says hes sooooo busy! 
This boy's room is half decent because I've already attempted cleaning

This room keeps most of their stuff put away!

 If this doesnt work, then I will move to Phase 3. I will spend my hours purging and then haul off stuf to the garbage or Goodwill and then I will send an invoice for my maid and organizing services.  I'll keep you updated.  

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