Wednesday, May 22, 2013


The Carter (United) Nations had a fairly uneventful day yesterday- (Only a couple of drama filled incidents) One unnamed son had to be convinced to put his spare tire back in his car even though he claimed it gave him 5 more mpg. I told him to unload his 10lb back pack and clean out the trash or lose weight to get the same results. He wasn't sure if I was kidding or not. I wasn't. Others complained I froze them out of the house! No.... I did not blast the airconditioner, All I did, was to open doors and windows and turn on the attic fan to air out the smells that boys and girls can bring into a home. We had the most beautiful Californian day yesterday with a breeze constantly blowing in the upper 60's and sunshine and beautiful clouds and I was going to take advantage of it. oh, and completely off subject, Why do kids think that their thighs and forearms are substitutes for paper and the only thing that they can find to write with is a sharpie? Oh, and... I cut out an ingrown toenail, popped out an infected thorn in someone's foot and doctored up several scrapes AND CLEANED out my art studio! See..... very easy day.

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