Monday, May 20, 2013

I'm Traveling the World!

I know, I know..... I've all of a sudden been traveling a lot!  After a 3 year hiatus of no traveling this missionary blood filled girl (my parents are missionaries)  is finally back on
airplanes and doors are opening to minister in ways I have dreamed about for years. Growth and Patience have been hard to develop but now I am so excited that God is allowing me to break forth and do amazing things. Like my friend Bob Johnson says, there really is No Box when it comes to God. I've been stretched and pushed outside my box and when I have obeyed, God steps in and does amazing things.
I have an amazing husband, who sees me and my gifts and is always encouraging me to go for it even if it costs him something.

Ministering to the women of Uganda

I can close my eyes right now and as a young girl, I see my daddy preaching  and I hear him saying,  "People, Attempt Great Things for a Great God, Expect Great Things from a Great God."  Well, All my life I have quoted that to myself, it's what has reminded me that God is faithful through every one of our adoptions. On these trips it still rings true,  I attempted many things, that I have never done before, expecting God to show up and He  has still shown himself  Faithful to complete the good work. In Faith, believing MY GOD is the SAME yesterday, today and forever, I've seen people healed emotionally, I've seen them delivered from demons, I've touched blind eyes and saw them open, deaf ears , to hear and people come to know a Jesus they have never known. And I stand in awe daily that he lets me be his hands and feet.

Jesus restored this lady's eye  sight so she could see!!!!!! 
That being said, My son, Graham and I have been asked to join Bob and Kimberly Johnson with Idignify on a team to several  South African cities and Mozambique with Heidi Baker at the end of July.  We will be gone for a month.  Graham's school has graciously granted him permission to miss the first week.
I stand amazed at how God funded the other two trips through my friends. I trust Him to do the same for this one.  Each of my other trips has been incredible and life changing for me as well as the ones we went to serve.  I went to minister and in return got ministered to by others and by God himself.
If you feel led, to donate, you can donate a tax deductible gift  through Idignify to the link below towards our trip. We need to raise our plane ticket money by the 19th of June. 

Thanks so much to all of you who have prayed for me and donated to my trips. I pray God's blessings abundantly on you.

A little boy at Destiny Rescue- Prevention Home

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