Monday, May 6, 2013

In Uganda May 2013

Though I haven't even gotten started on blogging about my trip to Asia, I am posting about Uganda. 

Monday, May 6, 2013 in Uganda
Here I am on the Guest house upper porch,close to midnight, watching sheet lightening shoot out across the Ugandan sky revealing colors of pink, yellow,blue and white,  I'm eating one of Esther's incredible cinnamon rolls while at the same time  a gecko on the wall keeps me company.  As I sit here, in the quite of the night with the crickets chirping, and the local dogs howling, (which actually does not make it so quiet, overwhelmingness (not sure if its a word) engulfs me. I am overwhelmed at God's goodness. I am overwhelmed at where I am today.  
About 4 years ago, I got rocked by God in this very same country.  God met me where I was and offered me a deeper relationship with him. I accepted not knowing what I was getting into, but he knew right well! Lol
Tears come to my eyes as memories flood my mind walking through this guest house. ~That spot is where I held Allenni in my arms, many nights as she clawed me and beat me out of extreme fear until she realized she was safe. ~ right there is where Isaiah took his first step. ~ and right there is the window where I had a complete meltdown in front of God as I handed him the last straw of Hope that I had of taking my kids home.  I could go on and on.... What incredible faithfulness I experienced from my God.  More than just the rescue of my kids was completed,  He rescued me from myself. What intense love He showed to me. When you have been loved like that, how can you do anything but want to stay in His arms?
Since those days, four years ago, so much has happened that I could write a book.  This spiritual journey has had many twists and turns and has been really crazy at times. I sit here with happy tears streaming down my face as it hits me that this week a dream, several prophetic words and a promise are about to begin their fulfillment. 
Though I'll keep those things undisclosed for the moment,  I can't deny God's hand in preparation for this all while I had not much clue!
As it is storming now and the lightening gives way to thunder and strong wind, all I know is that for the sake of the world, I ask God to light a fire in me. So others may know his Love. 

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