Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Our next stop was at the Cancer Ward for Children at the Govt. Hospital. That was a fast and furious visit!  As I have been it international hospitals before the impact was not so much a shock for me as I believe it was for some others on our team.  As we arrived , We divided up into 6 teams and had snacks, milk, clothes and over 100 stuffed animals. We had to divide up most of the stuff outside of the bus and gathered a crowd as all these Americans were doing something!   As we hit the ward, each team taking a small room or two and the hallway where people were lined up on mats, It was like heaven came down! The person in charge of the floor was very protective of us and the kids and as word spread through out the hospital that we were handing out stuff, he screamed at them all to go away! It was just for the kids! 
As we walked into each room, giving out the things mentioned above, there really wasn't any walking room. In a room much smaller than most of our Master bedrooms were 6 beds. Kids with mats under the beds and parents that  were there with their. There were at least 24 people living in each room.  Just as fast as we got in,  It had seemed that we had brought so much but 200lbs of items seemed like nothing as we got going.  The joy and delight on the kids faces as we handed them a milk and a stuffed animal was worth every mile we traveled to get there. Unfortunately, we got ushered out as soon as we finished handing out everything, so hugging on kids was not really an option, so smiles and the love of Jesus was what we left behind. Bob's motto is just ooze Jesus and it is enough. The power of Heaven and Jesus' healing is in his hands.   But an amazing thing happened.  Bob lagged behind with Ari, his 2 year old and all of a sudden people requested that Bob and Ari bless them. They loved Ari!  She has the sweetest smile. So with her daddy, she went through the ward and they got to lay their hands on every kid and pray over them!!!!! I can't really explain publicly why this is great that Bob got to do this but it is!!!  This same little 2 year old wanted to hold an 8 year old at the medically fragile home and so her mama let her. It was a precious sight to see her sit on the mat and lovingly hold the other sick child way older than her.  This little girl already has the heart of Jesus and has just been a joy on this trip. 

It was off to lunch after that and we went to some gorgeous gardens by the River where I ate some delicious Vietnam food including a fried fish. (Served with the head) Some of my team mates had a problem with that! hehe. 

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