Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Even though our day was long, it was an amazing day!!! We went to 3 places with in the city. The first was the medically fragile home run by the Catholic church. These kids all had some kind of physical and/or mental handicap and had been abandoned. They ran to greet us when we got there.  At first we just walked in and started playing with the kids and it was a little overwhelming.   I didnt know which child to sit down and play with. As I walked around stopping to pat some and talk to them, I asked God which one did I need to touch the most?  As I walked into an adjoining room, I saw him.  There he was all cuddled up in a corner.  He looked like he must have been around age 9 or 10. We will call him Saang.  He just sat there playing with a little block toy, flipping it around in his fingers. I slid to the floor to sit beside him and noticed his eyes were crossed somewhat. He didnt really notice me until I said something to him. Though he couldn't understand what I was saying, he turned his head towards me. I scooted in closer, continuing to talk to him telling him what a wonderful kid he was and that Jesus loved him. Not knowing how much he could see, I touched his face tenderly. He seemed to like it and I took his hand in mine and there we sat, very close together. Not really feeling like I needed to say much, he just held my hand and you could tell he was trying to see my face.  During this time of my holding his hand and talking quietly to him, I had another very little down's syndrome girl climb into my lap. She proceeded to lay her head on my chest and pat me! Hehe! Then evidently, she has uncontrollable urges to hit and I got side swiped  right in the front of the face before I could catch her. Man! was that painful!  Without letting go of my little friends, hand, I managed to grab hers to stop the beating and quietly spoke the word Peace, Peace.  She immediately stopped and I was so glad. She did this a few times unexpectedly,  but each time I would pray Peace, she would stop. She then decided that that it was time to get off my lap and move on and play. All this time, I had been holding on to Saang's hand.  I felt Jesus just wanted me to sit with him.  I turned my full attention back to him and everytime I had tried to pull away my hand, He just found it again to hold. I then decided to see if he would let me draw him close to hug on him. When I reached my arm around him, He immediately cuddled up to me and settled in for a long stay. Laying his head on my shoulder, he tilted his head up to hear everything I was saying and wrinkled his face as if he was trying to understand my words. As I spoke words of life over him, My heart cried out to Jesus for his salvation from his diseased body. As I sit here typing this my clothes sorta reek of his smell. Though that smell is not so lovely, I know he is lovely. He longs for love and a destiny just like the rest of us.  Fighting back tears, I smiled and loved on him as he continued to snuggle in close.  The rest of the visit was sort of a whirlwind in my mind but it was pure joy to see the children light up when I painted their faces with paint.  But Saang will forever be imprinted on my heart. 

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K. Duane Carter said...

So, when is Saang coming to our house??


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