Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Our third stop for the day was at an HIV/Orphan home and the atmosphere there was the greatest. Father Joseph just glowed with Jesus' love for these kids.  He has 3 homes that are comprised of about 80 kids total. The one we went to today has about 50 small kids.  The kids are on meds for their HIV and are doing well. He said they have only lost 7 kids in 7 years.  They are in need of another nurse, if you all want to spread the word. It would mean moving to Vietnam. :) 
The kids loved the balloon animals and at first were scared of the face painting but once they figured out what it was, they wanted everything!  Father Joseph and the staff were just filled with joy to watch these kids have fun!  Mary Ellen and I were sitting on the floor doing the face painting and we had kids in our laps, behind us and hanging on us. It was very challenging to get the painting done.  Mary Ellen had this one little girl who refused to get out of her lap and we had to be diligent about keeping paint brushes out of her hands!  Mary Ellen finally gave up and by the time we were done this little girl had almost every face painting pic on her body!  Haha!! This one little boy, did not want any of the designs I had but kept motioning with his hands what he wanted. It looked like this: 
As I was laughing and we were doing this back and forth, I assumed he wanted a yellow dinosaur. My dino did not turn out as I wanted and so I wiped it off. He still made the same gesture and I sat there trying to figure out what to paint since he was so set on it, I looked at his shirt and saw power rangers. When I pointed to the yellow one, he was very happy for me to paint that! When I added blue lightening strikes, I became the hero of that little boy!  Whew! 
 We left there with those kids all happy which made my heart happy.

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