Saturday, March 16, 2013

That Sure is A Lot of Fleece!!!!

I am getting pumped about my trip to Asia! There is so much going on to prepare for my trip to 3 countries in Asia  (I did get quite a bit of cooking done and got some dinners in the freezer  along with some snacks for several days! Whoo hoo!) I also  have many other things such as meetings to attend with my team as we plan what we are doing while there. We are all collecting things to take with us.      ( We will be taking 750 lbs of supplies with us) That is a lot of stuff! This is really fun for me as I get to shop for craft and art items.

My son and daughter's high school is going to help us make the blankets we need for the cancer patients that we will visit with in Vietnam.  That is awesome! They get community service and I get blankets!  I went into Joann's Fabric today as they are having a liquidation sale and asked the manager if he could even give me an additional discount on the fleece than what there already was. He did and I ended up getting 75% off of the fleece. I would have bought more if I'd had more cash!  The ladies  and manger in there treated us like Royalty. and it was a great shopping experience. I love being the daughter of a King and get favor when I go places!  We did get enough material for 38 blankets!

Almost immediately after getting home, the kids wanted to make some blankets and I made a deal with my 16 year old.  I told him I would unground him if he would help make 3 blankets! He heartily agreed, shocked at such an offer. He got even more shocked when I asked him to go and put on his music so we could listen to it! LOL He wondered, "Where is my mom and what have you done with her??"  I actually was gong to unground him yesterday but forgot. :)

I better head to bed, it is 1:30 am but it is Saturday and I can sorta sleep in for a little while.

I'm Grover and I know it!
Allenni and Graham

Andrew got all the material cut into the right lengths

That is a lot of fleece

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