Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Emptying Out Our House In AL

As most of you know we moved to CA and left our home in AL as a vacation Rental. After trying everything we could to save it, our house was foreclosed upon. 
We are having to empty our fully furnished house which is 8300 sq . ft and guesthouse ( 900 sq. ft. ) out that we have been renting out as a vacation rental. There is lots of furniture and appliances, decorations, linens, etc.. and the basics you need to run a vacation rental.  I am putting this here on my blog incase there are those of you that are not on my Facebook that live close to our home in Florence, AL. 

You are invited to a private estate sale ( vs. listing it on Craigslist and in the paper) MARCH 28, and 29 from 9am -6pm. CENTRAL TIME

Please feel free to share with your FB friends or any friends that live nearby. We will accept checks and cash. You must be able to get what you bought during those two days. There also won't be anybody there to help you move anything if you buy furniture.  We are very limited on help, so you will have to arrange for that.  Since I live in Ca, My inlaws, Kelly and Eula Carter have offered to handle this for us.  I appreciate your help in spreading the word. The house address is 313 Harris Dr. Florence, AL 35634

I will miss that home as it was lovingly built and remodeled for our growing family, but I know that we made the right decision to move our family to CA. Stuff is Stuff and there are many more important things in life than items.  True, it does not diminish the pain when you let go but it is an event that will pass and  will blow away like the wind. Our Hope and Joy is truly in Jesus and we move in that strength in this journey of life! 

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