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My friend Kimberly with I.Dignify on her last trip to Asia caring for orphans

I AM soooooo excited about my trip to Asia. A BIG THANK YOU to those who gave for me to be able to go! A BIG THANK YOU also to those who are going to cover me in prayer while I am gone!   Please plan to check my Melissa Carter Facebook or this blog for updates while I am there. 

We had our first planning meeting for this trip and there are 11 of us going. We will be arriving first in Thailand and staying for several days.  Then head over to two other countries in Asia for the remainder of our trip. 
Our flight leaves April 1 and we will return on April 20. 

B& K of I.D. WE are limiting identification on this trip for security reasons.)  will be leading us on this trip and they are awesome friends who are changing the world! When I think of Justice Heroes, I think of them!  They are making a huge difference in the life of so many people and girls who are caught in sex- trafficking. 
I am including a long excerpt from an I.D.'s newsletter that will tell you a little bit about what we will be doing in Asia. I ask that you partner with us in anyway you can! 

"While in Asia we will be working with, training, equipping, and ministering to women and children that have been rescued out of trafficking as well as the staffs onsite at the organizations that are pouring their lives into their restoration. We will be holding workshops for the staff, doing arts and crafts with the kids and holding worship services with over 200 rescued children.

In T. we will be bringing the gospel of Jesus to a people group who have very little exposure to His word or even who He is.  In this area of T. less than 1% of the population has heard of Jesus and so we will have opportunity to go into the tribal villages and bless them,  and love on them.  We will also be doing a drama for at risk children who work in the trash dumps.

In C. we will be visiting several orphanages and rescue homes for children. Our team will receive training from a man who has done thousands of personal rescues himself and we will also be ministering to a rescue home where the women are making purses which Macy’s is going to begin selling, allowing their home to be self sustaining. We will also be ministering to multiple highly persecuted churches.

In V. we will be visiting some more homes with medically fragile children and also a drug rehab home and cancer ward with over 200 kids in one very small ward. We will also be ministering to tribal villages where Jesus raises dead ones on a regular basis as there is no medical doctor or facility nearby!  We will be doing water sanitation and street ministry in the red light districts.  We can't discuss some of the details of our trip because of safety concerns for believers there and organizations there but please know we need your prayer coverage.
This is what the filters look like. They just hook up to a bucket with water

People in Asia getting the water filter systems for their families

Please consider sowing into this incredible trip, as it is through people like you that it is possible for us to go and be a blessing!  To give you an example of how simple and practical the need is, because unsafe drinking water is the second highest killer of people worldwide, we are bringing filters that cost around $50 a piece.  The filter provides clean drinking water for 50-100 people for life!  It needs no filter replacement & no maintenance!  The more we are able to bring with us, the more people will have access to clean, safe drinking water. 
Click here to join us in support
We are also in great need of intercessors to cover us in prayer as we venture into these places.  
If you will be partnering with us in prayer please email me back and let us know what the Lord has put on your heart to pray for us and the time commitment you are able to make, even if it is simply 15 minutes a day!  Your prayers are our covering, they go before us, behind us, and work through us!

If you would like to send supplies for us to take with us, here is a needs list.  Please send them no later than March 17th so they will arrive to us by the 20th and we can have time to pack them.  Please send them to Kimberly Johnson 1095 Hilltop Drive, suite 369, Redding CA 96003  OR  Melissa Carter 7783 Churn Creek Rd. Redding, CA 96002

Here is the List!
  • Art supplies for the women in the rescue homes. (Paints,(finger,watercolor,acrylic) good paintbrushes, watercolor pencils, sketchpads, crayons, canvas, face paint, plaster molds, stickers and more!) 
  • Kids clothing, all sizes including shoes. If it is used, please be sure it isn’t stained or torn.
  • Used or new baby items
  • Blankets for the children
  • Jewelry supplies for them to make jewelry
  • Anything specific the Holy Spirit leads you to send to either be given to the children, or even the staff. 
  • Snacks to take to the children.  (Candy is okay as it opens a door to minister to them.  Ideally fruit juice sweetened snack packs, goldfish, teddy grahams etc.  Just be sure they are in individually packaged containers from the manufacturer, not zip locks.)
  • Blankets for the babies (handmade or not) as none of them will have them. 
  • Toys, dolls, coloring supplies. E.g. balls that can be deflated and then blown up on the other side  (Please get things that are small and light where possible as it allows us to bring more to children.)
  • Small journals for rescued girls to write in.  You are welcome to decorate the covers, just use caution with using Christian terms for safety and English words, as they will not be able to read them.

The Items below are ones we will purchase before leaving and/or once we get there.
  • Powdered Milk for the kids in the cancer wards
  • Water filters for water sanitation - these only weigh a few oz and each one can give 100 people clean water for life! $50
If you would like to donate financially towards the trip and towards the above mentioned items please Click here to join us in support
Many of these rescue homes will give us coconut water, snacks etc. while we are there and this can cost them money so we will also be giving them offerings to at very least, offset the cost of our supplies.

I will be posting and keeping you all updated as I prepare for this trip and as I am in Asia if there is internet

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