Wednesday, January 2, 2013

NEW YEAR"S DAY 2013- Part 2

More pictures from Eskimo Hill!

Allenni is loving sledding!

They have decided that mini slope time is over! Headed for the big one!

Screams and laughter!

Had we known, we would have been more prepared! People were building fire pits in the snow, ringing their wood and hotdogs and smores and folding chairs. We did bring our picnic lunch and hot chocolate!  A fire would have been nice! 

Here we are gathered in a firepit with no fire! eating our lunch!

Eskimo Hill

Edith and Devin

Benny Boy! Still undecided about sledding

Andrew and Nathaniel eating and warming up by the NON firepit!

Addie and I doing a self photo

Isaiah was cold- Mama forgot to check the type of socks he wore and to see if his clothes fit him properly. Once I filled his belly with two sandwiches, hot chocolate, took off my socks and put them on him, tucked his pants into his boots, gave him my gloves and a hand warmer, He lay on a sled in the sun and life was good!

Allenni finally came into the NON firepit for lunch

Why am I taking a picture of Allenni's pants? Well, you can't see it here, but Allenni had impressive steam coming off her legs when she was sitting there. We figured since she had been working out sledding and climbing that hill that her 3 pairs of pants were keeping her quiet warm.

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