Tuesday, January 1, 2013


We decided to go sledding today though it was in the upper 50's! It has been raining a lot so that means there was plenty of snow in Mt. Lassen and Mt. Shasta. We decided to try out Eskimo Hill right past Mt. Lassen's entrance. We were not disappointed! At about 30 minutes from home we started to hit snow. It was so beautiful. By the time we got to Eskimo Hill, 10 minutes later, there was lots of snow and it was a wee bit colder. We were at about 5000 ft elevation.  As we pulled into the parking lot, there was a spot for us! We pulled in behind two other vans loaded with kids and they all had different color skin!  Of course we were staring at them and they at us! They spoke and we met. Rarely do you see two large families around here at the same time who have adopted kids!  The funny thing was, was that they had heard about us and had wanted to get in touch with us. One family's wife/mother was in China getting their 7th child this week!  We think it was a God set up! 
We had Addie, Edith's friend with us and Edith's other friend, Devin as well. Even though we thought we were prepared for warmth..... Alas, these southerners really don't know how to dress for snow. Maybe next time we will be more prepared! 

We are almost to Eskimo Hills! A beautiful winter wonderland!

Addie and Edith getting the sleds out!

We are prepared with 8 sleds

Devin, Edith and Addie

Isaiah is ready to go!

So pretty!

Allenni warming up on the mini slope before she hits the big one

Devin helping Eli

Always fashionable on and off the snow!

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