Tuesday, January 1, 2013


For the last several years we have created a "time capsule"! We write down our dreams, goals and things we want to do in the next year. We typically open it on New Year's Day but this year we decided to do it ont he Eve. We had given the kids heads up about what we wanted them to think about. 

 It was amazing to open our "time capsule" that we sealed in 2012. Each of us had made "predictions" and also had written dreams and goals. One of the "predictions"  9 or great desires of most everyone in the house had declared was that -God would give us a bigger house! -- 
That he did in August of this past year! and in a miracle turn as well! The house was double the size of the one we were in, was on the rental market for one day after we had been looking for 6 months! Had neat things in the house. Had 5 acres, had a pool and palm trees and cedars and magnolia trees! ( Some of you may remember my posts about it!) and was in the perfect spot as far as driving to church, work and school, saving us about $800 a month in gas. 

Some goals we had set were accomplished completely as individuals and some we had made small baby steps towards and some we just plain failed at but... there is always another day and more time  to accomplish those!
This year Duane and I following Sandi Krakowski's lead, decided that each of us should write out our dreams and goals for 2013 in four categories with at least one thing being impossible, that God would definitely have to partner on us with - 
The four categories were
It was great to hear the things that the kids are going after. For example, In Financial/Generosity, Isaiah wants to Give God a motorcycle! In the Spiritual, Andrew wanted to grow closer to God in worship and prayer. Allenni wanted to get on a swim team and read 300 books in her personal goals! 

Let me just say... My kids and us are dreaming big in 2013!
After making copies for each one's personal use, we sealed them up in next years time capsule! BRING ON 2013!

Getting ready to share our goals etc..

Adie, Edith's friend jumped right in and set her goals as well!

It is about to start and Dad is getting ready to read out everyone else's 2011 goals and predictions

Drum roll ....please

Uh.... we sealed it pretty well!

Dad, reading outloud everyone's papers

They are listening intently!

Some got bored and hung up on the idea!

Mom's goals- This is what each person had to write on

In they go!

Since the paper's are large, they are tougher to fit in!

It is almost 2013!

oh yeah! -Best year ever! - Addie and Edith!

Girl friends! 

Party Ready!


Eli- Ready to deliver MORE JOY to the world!

The NICE family picture

It is almost midnight! We gotta eat!

Eli ringing in the New Year with an Eggnog mustache!

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