Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Day -Part 3

More pictures of our fun time- Sledding today!

Me and Isaiah! We just LUUUUVVV each other!!!!
ha! I love how my sunglasses are perched on top of my head!

These two are "warming up by the NON firepit!

These girls are best friends! - Addie and Edith

Graham smiling!

The Stud!

My men dudes all gathered around another Non Firepit! 
Graham, Duane, Nathaniel and Ben

My little man dude! Isaiah- is he just not too cute?

This is Happiness-seeing my man loving the outdoors, and enjoying my kids having fun!

I do not like cold and I have enough layers on to keep me warm! 

Do I look stern?

Allenni ran into her best friend from school- Anna! 

Edith is starting to get cold

The HILL that my kids wanted me to sled down! No thanks! I have fear! and it is founded. Enough time spent in casts... Enough said.

They convinced me! Don't I look very injured?????

2nd time down- I was screaming and went airborne!!!

I am alive!!!!!!!!!! I did it!

I am rejoicing and feel like an olympic champion!

See that hill behind Ben and Nathaniel?  Well... that is the one I made it down! hehe! Baby steps are what it takes! 
Well, After 3 hours of being there, and we are about to leave, Ben and Nathaniel decide it is time they should start going down the hill. Really???

We found the perfect spot to take a picture! Here is all of us! I fell thigh deep into the snow off the trodden path! - My feet with no thorlo socks did not like that!

Do you know how hard it is to get a family picture?? I was impressed we got this as quickly as we did! Well.... After we waited and waited for Ben to decide to slide down the hill and we gathered everyone from the throngs of people! (BTW- It is really hard to spot black people on white snow ... if everyone else on the slopes is wearing a black coat and hat) 

Here comes Ben!!!!! As we were waiting on Ben to choose the right time to come down the slope,and Duane and I were waiting by the perfect snow scene to get the picture, I noticed all my other children that we had managed to gather around our NON firepit get up from our firepit and gather themselves around someone else's WARM firepit! Graham walked over there and came back laughing. Evidently, Devin knew Edith was cold so he asked the people over by our NON firepit if they could sit by and warm up. "No problem", he said.  Well, when they two got up, so did the rest of our crew and they plopped themselves down to get warm! Graham said the look on the guy's face was priceless! Like-"Where did all these people come from? This is not what I signed up for"
Lucky for him, I called everyone over as Ben was coming down the hill!

Walking back to the van, Isaiah was whimpering because he was severely cold. For some reason, he cries, I'm scared. He is not sure what he is scared about, so I decided that we should focus on the good things around us and so I start pointing out how pretty the white snow is and that we are almost to the van and reminding him how much fun we just had and that Mommy was right here holding his hand! I told him, you know what? All this snow reminds me of a song- And I just started blurting out singing Winter Wonderland- Before you knew it, we were both laughing and smiling and the scared was gone! 
Ain't gonna let Fear get ahold of my baby! 
We fight with goodness and joy!

The Winter Wonderland!

Back in the van, Duane got his Turkey and cheese on Wheat and his Brown mustard, cranked up the heat and he was one happy man!

They were excited that the heat was cranked up! Isaiah's face says it all! "I am tired, I am cold and wet. I want to go home!"

Happy New Year! 

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