Monday, December 17, 2012

Duane and I go to Klamath Falls!

Duane and I took a trip by ourselves for one week to Klamath Falls,OR. It was the first time we have ever left the kids without anyone there with them. We did have Isaiah go and stay with a friend and that changed a lot of dynamics through out the week! Though I was a little nervous, They did pretty good and I tried not to freak out over the stories that started coming out the following week! On this trip, Duane and I got some writing done, finishing up a chapter we wrote on sex-trafficking for a friend who is writing a book. We also got some brainstorming done for our two upcoming books dealing with therapeutic parenting and our adoption stories. Duane will be publishing his poetry and photography this upcoming year and he got his book layout finished on that. I got some painting done and finished 1 large and 1 small painting and worked on another! In between all that, We totally enjoyed our uninterrupted conversations and quiet dinners together. We sat down and reviewed this past year and "dreamed together about what we want to happen in 2013. We are so excited to begin a new journey and see God opening wide many opportunities and doors for us! We even had time to sit down and catch a few episodes of Duck Dynasty. We had never watched the show and it gave us some good laughs and made us want some sweet tea in mason jars! Needless to say, we were refreshed and got a lot accomplished.
Duane and I goofing off

You caught us kissing!

This was the view from our balcony

Ice crystals early one morning- Duane got up, not me!!

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