Wednesday, November 28, 2012


We are so excited!!! Duane and I are launching a coaching practice this upcoming year. We have a lot of exciting non traditional ways to help you parent your children who have suffered trauma, abuse and rejection. A book of practical, out of the box parenting tools, plus some spiritual insight to help your child on the road to restoration is in the works!!  We have already set up a twitter account - letloveloose13 and Facebook page and will be launching the website soon!  Go Follow us and Like us right now!  Share us with your adoptive friends! 
As God has been teaching me about True Joy and His strength, I have realized the truth that the enemy wants us to refocus on his stuff and throws a pretty good fit to get us too. It has taken me some time to change my thought patterns that have been ingrained in me for so long. So here is a thought to get you started on your change.  
A reminder to us on our dining table of our Joyous Strength

"In loving our older adopted children during their emotional upheavals , we as parents must train our minds to understand that the Joy of the Lord is our and their true strength. We must purposely train our parental minds and hearts to focus on the Goodness and Love of our awesome God and impart that to our children. Focusing on the lies, self-pity, anger, unforgiveness and miserable ideas of the devil only serves to drag all of us further away from the truth that Love and True Joy is available for abundant living through the Price Jesus paid and the Power of the Holy Spirit. "

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