Monday, March 5, 2012

No Wine, but We Have Bread

What in the world?
No we are NOT preparing for snow!!
When we moved to CA, we had a very hard time finding a house that was big enough for us.  The house we rent is great. It is beautiful, it is on a lake but it is a little small for 10 people. Nevertheless, we didn't have many options in houses.  Storage is definitely an issue. We brought a fridge and 2 freezers with us and there is one in the house. 
Since I buy large quantities of food, especially if the loaves are .69 each, we have run out of room at times to put things, especially if I am on a couponing run.
Such is what happpened when I bought 12 loaves of bread! Every one of our freezers were packed to the hilt. So were the fridges.
I had a moment of despair, thinking that the bread would not last 3 weeks without growing mold. What to do??!!
Standing in my kitchen looking around and pondering, I saw the wine cooler! Aha! it is perfect for loaves of bread and can be chilled!  So this is how we  uniquely store our bread!  Now we have all the ingredients for communion right in the cooler. :)

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