Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Eli Turns 10!

I cannot believe that my little Eli turns 10!  It does not seem that long ago that I brought my little scared 4 year old home from China.  He is so smart and loves to build things and definitely loves to laugh! 
 The pictures are a little out of order in the way they happened. 

DESSERT!  Reece's Cup Ice Cream cake


He loves his picture being taken

He has an apron on because he helped me cook

Eli loves Legos and was so excited to get these

and these

Jillian, his friend next door got him a water gun!

We were all so proud that he read most of the card by himself!!!!

Being a Sponge Bob party theme, we got to looking at the table cloth and realized there were many faces. So we picked out who was who based on their "general perceived" attitudes.

DAD -- of course!!



Millie when she sees Isaiah coming to her 






I made brownie pops MONSTER style for his friends at school! 

They made quite a scare!

Eli loved his new bike! 

Sponge Bob for The Birthday !!!

Isaiah was pretty upset at first when I wouldn't let him open Eli's presents, but got happy with the food

Eli wanted Asian food  and Sushi so I made some CA rolls

Bulgogi and Broccoli

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