Monday, March 8, 2010

More of our day being Tourist in Thailand- part 2

We continued to have a great day in Thailand as tourist. Below are some more pictures of our activities at the park.

Included in our tickets was an incredible buffet, hosting Asian, Italian and European food
Of course I went for the Asian food,using my chopsticks to eat some wonderful sushi
Me, Sarah and Mikki
The Ricketts girls
Sarah and I
Jason and Sarah
I set the girls up on the rocks and got this wonderful shot
We laughed because they looked liked a mixture between the Flintstones and Beverly Hillbillies
Some Spirit houses that looked unoccupied -- well there were no gifts and drinks sitting outside them--
Instead of walking the WHOLE park, we opted for the drive through on a tram and at a pause this elephant stuck his nose in and just about got Mikki. She made a fast move over and I think it missed her.
This whole area was made out of clay pots
An interesting stone henge
A pavilion mounted up on a rock

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