Monday, March 8, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010 Being a tourist- part1

I think I slept pretty good on Monday night but am not sure if Mikki and Sarah really did. Even though we had air in our room, they would only let you set it down to a certain degree. And every time you left the room, the air would shut off. So it would take a while to cool down again. Sarah and Mikki were early risers and always went down to the buffet for early morning coffee. I slept in as late as I could. I always went to bed after they did. On this particular morning, Jason and Sarah were picking us up and were going to be real tourist. Through Angel,who is a travel agent, they had gotten tickets for the Thai Gardens and Cultural Center. It was a first for us all so we weren't sure what to expect. The day ended up being a great day despite it being so hot. There was a cultural dance show, Elephant show, gardens, an incredible Asian Buffet, Elephant rides and so much more that we didn't get to see it all. Below are part of the pictures. I will do 2 posts since there are a lot of pictures.

Ok, I am a tourist, posing with the monkey
Elephant aerobics? See the guy in the jeans and cowboy hat? I could not understand his English at all but he did look like a cowboy.
One of the big elephants
After every performance, the elephants would come over looking for bananas
This elephant was popping balloons with a dart
This one painted this simple painting. LOVE! God was still throwing around that theme!
These elephants were playing soccer
Anna got brave and went to feed the elephant some bananas
This elephant scooped me up Of course after I paid $3 and I did not have a good grip on his tusk.
But I got my grip finally and he got his and we were ok. He was a huge elephant. I was up about 12 -15 feet. He held me till Sarah got a pic. His trunk was smooth and sorta wet. How many of you have been picked up by an elephant?
This was a cute baby elephant
Sanyaa was feeding him bananas. She loves elephants!
This woman pulled me, Sarah and Anna aside and she and her husband insisted we get our photo with her. It is the blond hair. I had forgotten about this when I went to China
These two girls sold bananas to feed the elephants
Me, Mikki and Sarah
The show was getting ready to start and I snapped this of Sarah and Mikki. It was hot and they had mist fans blowing
Lillie and Sanyaa
Pictures from the show

Demonstration of Thai boxing

Demonstration of Thai drums. I really liked this.

The best way to explain this was Thai Square Dancing
The decorated elephants carrying the warriors
One of the dancers

I had to put this clip in of the elephants dancing. It is so funny! It looks like the elephants are dancing out of duty all except one. Look at the orange one. Now he looks like he is having some fun!!!! I love it!

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