Saturday, March 6, 2010

More pics from March 5-6 Friday night

Sarah and Jason Ricketts and Lillie in Worship
Sarah and Mikki in worship
Anna Ricketts and Sarah during worship
It was an awesome time of worship as we prayed and sang to our King and prayed for his love to invade the city. Here I felt led to pray over Jason and Sarah as they work in the city. They have a large task ahead of them. We also prayed over Jessica and it was great.
The view from the top of Tamar Center window
Their sign

The street Tamar Center is on and Mikki
All of us headed back to the truck
Lillie, Jane and Anna Ricketts
A food cart on the street. Any body for dried squid?
Some of the bars
Or would you like roasted pig?
Or how about Deep Fried Worms, Scorpions, Grasshoppers(Which are good) :) or large roaches?

In the grocery, Dragon fruit (Which is incredibly delicious) and oranges
I love the colors of these papayas
Anybody for fresh fish?
How about Red snapper?

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