Friday, March 5, 2010

More pics from March 5-6

Sarah and Jason let us sleep in just a little this morning then we went to a big mall and got our choice of many international foods. Of course, I got Thai noodles and an Eastern European salad called Shopska salad. YUM!!!!
I'm enjoying my food. My sinuses cleared a little! spicy
Cute Jane and Sanyaa
That evening at Tamar Center we went out on street ministry. We went into some of the bars and bought a drink and talked and played games with some of the girls. With my very limited Thai pretty much all I could do was smile and play the game while my Thai friend Oi talked. I did talk a little with them as my Thai friend translated. She spoke a little English as well. We invited two of the girls to English classes and one of them spoke fairly good English. At one point in trying to make conversation with one young girl, I noticed she had on a pretty unique ring. I commented on it to which she quickly said oh, and hid it away. Her odd behavior made me wonder what was up with the ring. It was only a few moments later that I noticed that every girl in the bar had on that same ring. Slip up on my part but it put sadness in my heart that these girls were possessions of a bar, not humans.
I pray and hope that I was a vessel of Jesus' Love for those young girls, that my eyes and smile portrayed his heart and love for them.

In getting dusk, the night life is about to start
Sarah's partner, that is one of the girls that came out of the bars
The bar I went to. Before the evening begins, some of the girls, take a bottle of beer and pour a line across the entrance for a blessing and splash capfuls on their feet that the evening would go well.
Oi and I
Sarah Ricketts, our missionary friend and Kat, who helps run Tamar Center
Jessica leading worship . She does this a few times a week for whoever wants to come and pray and worship over the city.

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