Saturday, February 13, 2010

Update from Africa - July 12

I sent out an update on July 12 to everyone. A lot of it I have already talked about previously.

Just wanted to post a note and let everyone know where things are.

I heard that on July 7th the homestudy was sent to ATL and we are hoping to hear this week that we have received our approval and can get the kid's visas.

We have in faith booked our Embassy appointment for Wednesday, July 15 and are hoping our visas can be done by Friday the 17th. We have in faith booked our tickets to fly home on Sunday the 19th.

I have been sick still and went to the doc here a couple of days ago. He said I had a viral bronchial infection and changed my meds a little. These last two days I have had fever and have been coughing up junk and I highly suspect I have some pnuemonia. I am trying to get rest and am thankful here for Scott and Brenda (we are living with them) who have helped with the kids and have ministered to me in all sorts of ways. It is hard for me to lay in bed when I think I should be taking care of something or the kids. But I have to rest or I will not be well enough to travel home with the kids. They have been so helpful. I am thankful for Maggie as well. She has done a wonderful job but I think she is ready to come home as well.

As I said previously in the last post, Our attorney did go ahead and give us our passports and we are working out issues with him. This payment he wants is very unexpected so we will have to work through it.

Well, I can't post a lot though there are many stories to tell, but I will once my energy and health return.

Please pray as well, the kids are getting very comfortable with us and therefore are testing the waters so to say. Pray for their cooperation and obedience and my wisdom and discernment in disciplining them.

So if all goes well this week we will be leaving to come home on Sunday!!!

Hope somebody brings a camera to the airport so we can capture this moment in our family history! It will be one glorious reunion! It will be proof that Our God is faithful to complete what He started!

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