Saturday, February 13, 2010

July 13, 2009 -A trip to the Embassy

The kids and I went to the Embassy today. I was anxious to know if our approval was waiting on us and prayed it would be. We got about half way there and got a phone call form Sah. , the Counsel. She called to tell us not to come as our approval had not arrived over the weekend in the computer system.
Of course, I was totally disappointed and was not understanding why it had not arrived by now. We had the assurance of the Senator's office and SW that it had been sent form Montgomery to ATL and as soon as it arrived in ATL The Senator's office would be looking for it to expedite.
We told our driver to turn around and go home. Now we wait some more to see what happens.
When Isaiah's visa got approved the day before our paperwork expired, it was also the Counsel's last day. The new Counsel was very helpful and is going out of her way to help us. She said she would be checking the database 2 times a day to see if we were uploaded.
Maybe Friday or Monday we will hear.

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