Saturday, February 13, 2010

July 15, A change of Plans

Ok, we have a change of plans. Surprised? Of course you are not!

It all started with the fact that we were about to purchase plane tickets flying through Amsterdam on KLM when our travel agent informed us that British Airlines just drastically lowered their flights and it would cut our ticket prices in half saving us $4000.

So we booked those instead. So instead of leaving the 19th we are now leaving the 22nd which all works out anyway because after my trip to the Embassy yesterday and finding out that the approval had not arrived yet in Kampala, we are having to wait until tomorrow or Monday to check and see if the approval is there.

British Airways is usually the most expensive airlines, so therefore we have never traveled on them here, having always found a better rate with KLM. It actually will be great because we will leave here in the morning and arrive late afternoon in London. I got a hotel room at the Sheraton on Priceline for $70!

We will leave the next morning and arrive in Dallas, TX that afternoon, so it won't be too hard of a trip I think.

We're hoping to take in a few sights but will have to play it by ear with the kids.

I am supposed to call the Embassy first thing in the morning to see if the consulate wants me to come in tomorrow or Monday. If the approval is there even by Monday we can get our visas before they close on Tuesday.

One thing in our favor is that last year the Consulate that was there went ahead and took all of our documents for the visas which is not typical protocol. He has already done the orphan investigation which will save a lot of time, so I am confident that we can get our visas quickly.

After my trip to the doc, I actually made a slight turn for the worse. I ran fever for two days and the junk in my chest became yucky. Brenda and I decided that I probably did have pneumonia so I went online and looked up natural remedies for Pneumonia. Since the different antibiotics I had taken had done no good, I decided that the doc was right about it being viral. but with the rattle in my chest and the wheezing and the stuff I was coughing up,(well, I will spare you the details), it pointed to Pnuemonia. What do doctors know? (Yes, I can say that, because I am married to one! Ha) (No offense honey.) :) So I started on a daily regime of taking 6 cloves of garlic, 1/2 onion and mincing them, mixing in cayenne pepper, honey and chicken bouillon and pouring boiling water over it to make a broth and drinking it for breakfast. I then take 2000 mg of vitamin C and 32 mineral complexes and B vitamins. I am also taking a good expectorant. I am also drinking Tomato juice with cayenne as well. I had Maggie pound on my back to loosen the mucus in my lungs which I think she took great pleasure in!

I cannot believe what a difference it has made. I am up out the bed and am coughing much less, and breathing better and have not even had fever today or yesterday.

Of course, I smell like garlic! Even my joints and back don't ache like they were.

Before heading off to the Embassy, Brenda tossed me a pack of mint gum, smiling, "Here, thought you might need this." Along with the gum and the glass wall I had to speak through, I don't think they noticed the garlic.

I am so thankful to everyone for your prayers. I am definitely feeling much better.

As for the not so good news,

I talked with Duane today by yahoo IM and he told me that a severe storm blew in last night and ripped the tar paper off of our unfinished roof and water was pouring in through the construction into Graham's current bedroom and the ceiling in there looked like it was dissolving and the floor was soaked and it was pretty much a waterfall coming in. Rain is expected for two more days. Then on top of that, last night his car was broken into as well.

So, we are between a rock and a hard place, and not sure what to do about it.

We haven't had any construction done since May as we are waiting on more funds so hadn't gotten the roof completely done or the bricks put on. With me going to Africa, we decided to just see what happened, not knowing how long we would be here.

Pray for Duane as he is having to deal with all of this. It is frustrating but I know we will manage and God will see us through like He has with every other mountain that has seemed to loom before us.

I do have lots of stories to finish and more stories to tell but time and sickness have not permitted me to share them but keep checking back because I must get them out of my brain very soon!

Well, that is about all I can update you with tonight, I must head to bed.

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