Sunday, February 14, 2010

July 16, 2009 - Isaiah's Foster parents

We were very blessed to have had excellent Foster parents for Isaiah. Mama Beatrice and Papa Steven were great. At the right time, their home opened up to take Isaiah, to allow me to go home after being in Africa for 4 months. I am forever grateful to them and to their grown daughters for loving on him so much. Since we knew we were leaving soon, we wanted to honor them and had their family over for an evening meal. I had brought some gifts for them and so Isaiah, very proudly presented them to them.
I honored them with a little speech and then I prayed over them and we had a good meal. When I went to hug Mama Beatrice, My heart and eyes welled up with tears with gratefulness and at the heart of this woman. She said a blessing over me and told me she loved me and thanked me. I was the one wanting to thank her! They are an awesome family.

Isaiah brought them their gifts
Papa Steve talking with Isaiah
Mama accepting her gifts
Hugging Mama and having so much emotion at the knowledge of what she had done for me
Mama speaking a blessing over me and sharing an emotional moment
Papa Steve saying a goodbye to Isaiah, who he had become really attached to
Me hugging Papa Steven
Mama saying goodbye
Isaiah s not sure what is exactly happening. Thumb in the mouth means I'm nervous

Now he is being silly
now we have him laughing
Getting a hug.

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